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Australian Netball League 2009

July 24, 2009 - September 13, 2009



Victorian Fury109019
Queensland Fusion107314
Netball NSW Waratahs106412
Netball NSW Blues106412
South Australia105510
Western Australia105510
Territory Storm10376
Canberra Darters10376

Please click on individual results for full match report.

Round 1

24/07/092.00pmAISvNetball NSW Waratahs52-45Frank Stewart Training Hall, Canberra ACT
25/07/092.00pmAISvNetball NSW Blues46-43Frank Stewart Training Hall, Canberra ACT

Round 2

29/07/096.30pmAISvSingapore86-17Brisbane State High School, QLD
31/07/097.00pmQueensland FusionvSingapore75-22Cornubia Park Sports Centre, QLD
01/08/094.00pmSingaporevSouth Australia24-79Cornubia Park Sports Centre, QLD
01/08/096.00pmQueensland FusionvTasmania54-28Cornubia Park Sports Centre, QLD
02/08/0910.00amSingaporevTasmania21-58Cornubia Park Sports Centre, QLD
02/08/0912.00pmQueensland FusionvSouth Australia51-49Cornubia Park Sports Centre, QLD
31/07/098.00pmTerritory StormvCanberra Darters52-49Anne Clark Centre, Sydney NSW
01/08/096.45pmAISvWestern Australia58-42Anne Clark Centre, Sydney NSW
01/08/098.30pmNetball NSW BluesvTerritory Storm58-44Anne Clark Centre, Sydney NSW
02/08/0912.00pmAISvTerritory Storm59-47Sutherland Netball Association Centre, NSW
02/08/092.00pmNetball NSW BluesvWestern Australia60-45Sutherland Netball Association Centre, NSW

Round 3

04/08/097.00pmNetball NSW WaratahsvSingapore75-29Anne Clark Centre, Sydney NSW
07/08/097.00pmCanberra DartersvSingapore68-33AIS Arena, Canberra ACT
09/08/0912.00pmNetball NSW BluesvSingapore85-14Anne Clark Centre, Sydney NSW
07/08/097.30pmSouth AustraliavTerritory Storm57-51Waverley Netball Centre, VIC
08/08/096.30pmWestern AustraliavSouth Australia47-54Waverley Netball Centre, VIC
08/08/098.15pmVictorian FuryvTerritory Storm59-45Waverley Netball Centre, VIC
09/08/091.00pmVictorian FuryvSouth Australia56-45Waverley Netball Centre, VIC
09/08/093.00pmTerritory StormvNetball NSW Waratahs53-54Waverley Netball Centre, VIC
09/08/093.00pmTasmaniavWestern Australia36-65Waverley Netball Centre, VIC

Round 4

14/08/096.00pmNetball NSW BluesvNetball NSW Waratahs47-55Anne Clark Centre, Sydney NSW
15/08/095.00pmQueensland FusionvCanberra Darters54-43Marrara Indoor Stadium, NT
15/08/097.15pmTerritory StormvTasmania52-38Marrara Indoor Stadium, NT
16/08/0910.00amCanberra DartersvTasmania53-31Marrara Indoor Stadium, NT
16/08/0912.00pmTerritory StormvQueensland Fusion48-54Marrara Indoor Stadium, NT
15/08/096.45pmNetball NSW BluesvVictorian Fury46-58Anne Clark Centre, Sydney NSW
16/08/0912.30pmNetball NSW WaratahsvVictorian Fury45-57Anne Clark Centre, Sydney NSW

Round 5

21/08/097.30pmSingaporevWestern Australia29-78Toa Payoh Sports Hall, Singapore
22/08/09PostponedSingaporevVictorian FuryToa Payoh Sports Hall, Singapore
22/08/096.00pmWestern AustraliavTerritory Storm51-49Toa Payoh Sports Hall, Singapore
23/08/091.00pmVictorian FuryvWestern Australia61-48Toa Payoh Sports Hall, Singapore
23/08/093.00pmSingaporevTerritory Storm30-65Toa Payoh Sports Hall, Singapore
21/08/097.00pmSouth AustraliavNetball NSW Blues67-51ETSA Park, Adelaide SA
22/08/092.00pmSouth AustraliavCanberra Darters58-43ETSA Park, Adelaide SA
22/08/093.30pmNetball NSW WaratahsvTasmania57-39ETSA Park, Adelaide SA
23/08/0910.30amTasmaniavNetball NSW Blues40-59ETSA Park, Adelaide SA
23/08/0912.00pmSouth AustraliavNetball NSW Waratahs37-53ETSA Park, Adelaide SA

Round 6

28/08/095.00pmQueensland FusionvNetball NSW Blues60-49AIS Arena, Canberra ACT
28/08/097.00pmAISvCanberra Darters51-46AIS Arena, Canberra ACT
29/08/095.00pmCanberra DartersvVictorian Fury40-66Frank Stewart Training Hall, Canberra ACT
29/08/096.30pmAISvQueensland Fusion41-38Frank Stewart Training Hall, Canberra ACT
30/08/091.30pmQueensland FusionvVictorian Fury48-52AIS Arena, Canberra ACT
30/08/093.30pmCanberra DartersvNetball NSW Blues38-67AIS Arena, Canberra ACT

Round 7

04/09/096.30pmWestern AustraliavNetball NSW Waratahs57-53Arena Joondalup, WA
05/09/094.30pmQueensland FusionvNetball NSW Waratahs49-58Arena Joondalup, WA
05/09/096.30pmWestern AustraliavCanberra Darters57-47Arena Joondalup, WA
06/09/099.30amCanberra DartersvNetball NSW Waratahs47-46Arena Joondalup, WA
06/09/0911.30amWestern AustraliavQueensland Fusion48-54Arena Joondalup, WA
04/09/097.30pmTasmaniavAIS27-55Aurora Sports Stadium, Hobart, TAS
05/09/094.30pmTasmaniavSouth Australia32-43Aurora Sports Stadium, Hobart, TAS
05/09/096.30pmVictorian FuryvAIS54-41Aurora Sports Stadium, Hobart, TAS
06/09/0911.00amAISvSouth Australia47-42Aurora Sports Stadium, Hobart, TAS
06/09/091.00pmTasmaniavVictorian Fury23-62Aurora Sports Stadium, Hobart, TAS

Elimination Round

Semi 1
12/09/093.30pmVictorian FuryvSouth Australia50-41Cornubia Park Sports Centre, QLD
Semi 2
12/09/095.00pmAISvQueensland Fusion46-44Cornubia Park Sports Centre, QLD
Semi 1
13/09/0912.45pmVictorian FuryvAIS46-32BCEC, Brisbane QLD

*All information obtained from
Please click on individual results for full match report.

Singapore to be part of the ANL!

The New Idea Australian Netball league (ANL) returns for its second year on July 24 and this year the competition has an international twist.

In 2009, Australia’s up and coming stars will be joined by Singapore, with the Asian nation the 11th team in the league. Singapore’s inclusion comes as a result of a long-standing relationship between Netball Australia and Netball Singapore with teams, coaches and umpires visiting from both countries on a regular basis.

Singapore’s involvement also gives ANL teams the opportunity to compete internationally and play and coach against a different style of netball. Teams that travel to Singapore will experience a different netball culture with different crowds, customs and the rigours of international travel. Matches in Singapore offer emerging athletes a unique experience that will be a significant factor in their netball growth and development.

Kate Palmer, Netball Australia Chief Executive, is thrilled with Singapore’s inclusion.

“Netball Australia is very excited that Netball Singapore is participating in the ANL. It is a wonderful opportunity for Australian and Singapore athletes to test their skills against international competition and is great preparation for the Australian athletes who are aiming to play in the ANZ Championship. It will also expose Singaporean athletes to the Australian ANZ Championship coaches who are always on the lookout for talented athletes,” Palmer said.

Tan Wee Khim, President of Netball Singapore, also welcomes this bi-nation partnership.

Tan said, “It is great for the development of our Singapore athletes to be able to compete in Australia, one of the world’s top netball nations. The ANL gives Singapore the chance to compete at a higher level and against the stronger and more physical Australian opponents.This marks a new chapter in the development of netball in Singapore as we prepare to host the World Netball Championships in 2011. We appreciate Netball Australia’s openness and willingness to include Singapore in the ANL.We also look forward to welcoming the Australian athletes to Singapore in August for the Singapore leg of the competition.”

The New Idea ANL is a key ingredient in the sport’s development, providing a platform for the country’s emerging talent to test their skills and push for further representative honours. The teams will compete for the national title over seven weekends, culminating in the Finals Series from September 12-13.


July 24, 2009
September 13, 2009
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