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What is Netball?

Netball is a ball sport played between two teams, consisting of twelve players each, with seven players per team each time on court. It is umpired by two umpires. The objective of the game is for each team to either keep or gain possession of the ball, and to score as many goals as possible.

The Game - How To Play?

The game is played on a court made up of three thirds – two goal thirds and one centre third. A typical netball game is 60 minutes long and is split into four quarters. Each player will have a specific playing position which defines their responsibility and assigns the areas in which they can play within the court. All players are only allowed to hold the ball for three seconds and are not allowed to run or dribble with it. Players must ensure a 3 ft. (0.9m) distance away when defending otherwise it will be considered a penalty. Upon each successful goal made, the game is restarted with a pass from the circle in the centre third and is alternated between the teams.

The Netball Court:

The Playing Positions (& assigned area of play):

GA: Goal Attack (3, 4 & 5)
GS: Goal Shooter (4 & 5)
GK: Goal Keeper (1 & 2)
GD: Goal Defence (1, 2 & 3)
C: Centre (2, 3, & 4)
WA: Wing Attack (3 & 4)
WD: Wing Defence (2 & 3)