NEWS The Deloitte Netball Super League returns from 4 Feb to 19 Mar!


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*From 1st January 2016, it will be a requirement that all teams participating in our events are to be Netball Singapore club members. As such, from 2016, teams have to be registered as a club member to take part in events such as the Daisy Tan Carnival, National League, Pesta Sukan, Fast5 and the Year End League. 

Beach Netball Festival and Corporate Netball Challenge are social events, and thus remain open to the public/corporations.


  CLUB NAME Ordinary (Full) Member/Association (Assoc)
1 Bedok CSC Full
2 Club HDB Full
3 Katana Netball Club  Full
5 Marlins Netball Club Full
6 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Full
7 National University Singapore (NUS) Full
8 NYP Netball Full
9 Ngee Ann Polytechnic Full
10 PSRC Full
11 Republic Polytechnic Full
12 SAFSA Full
13 SCC Full
14 SCDF Full
15 Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Full
16 Singapore Management University (SMU) Full
18 Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Full
19 Temasek Polytechnic Full
20 Aciers Assoc
22 Bucks RFC Netball Assoc
23 Blaze Assoc
24 Breakers Assoc
25 Centaurs Netball Club Assoc
26 Dreamers Assoc
27 Dynamix Assoc
28 Extremes Assoc
29 Exalt Assoc
30 Frenz Assoc
31 Fier Orcas Assoc
32 Hwa Chong Alumni Association Assoc
33 Krptonite Assoc
34 NBOT Assoc
35 Netball Fitness Social (NFS) Assoc
36 Nighthawks Assoc
37 OLDHAM Assoc
38 Pegasus Assoc
39 Ravens  Assoc
40 Sports Ready-NZ Flyers Assoc
41 Singapore Netball Academy Assoc
NETforMUMS, Back2Netball, SGNC
42 SGNC Assoc
43 Swifts Assoc
44 Singapore Institute of Management Assoc
45 Speed Assoc
46 Sneakers Netball Club Assoc
47 SOTA Assoc
48 Stellar Netball Pte Ltd Assoc
49 Tampines Changkat CC Assoc
50 Team On Assoc
51 Tyco Sirius Assoc
52 Tanglin Trust School (TTS) Assoc
53 The Kids Network Assoc
54 Trade Pro Assoc
55 UNIFY Assoc
56 Vikings Netball Assoc
57 Wanderers Assoc
58 Yale-NUS College Assoc
59 Zenith Assoc
Last updated Sept 2021

Training Schedule:

Club: ANZA Netball
Training Venue: Tanglin Trust School, Portsdown Road
Training Schedule: Find out more @
Club: Bedok CSC
Training Venue: Blk 5 Bedok South Ave 1
Training Schedule: Thursday (8pm to 10pm) & Sunday (4pm to 7pm)
Club: Bucks Netball Club
Training Venue: Kallang Netball Centre
Training Schedule: Mondays or Tuesdays (7.30pm to 9.30pm)
Club: NETforMUMS
Training Venue: KNC, OCBC Arena Hall 3
Training Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday (9am to 11am), Monday (8pm to 10pm)
Club: NTU (Only for NTU Students)
Training Venue: NTU Sports & Recreation Centre
Training Schedule: Monday & Thursday (7.30pm to 10pm) 
Club: Pegasus
Training Venue: Kallang Netball Centre or Seng Kang Community Centre
Training Schedule: Wednesday (8pm to 10pm)
Club: Singapore Cricket Club (SCC)
Training Venue: Singapore Cricket Club (Padang) –  Connaught Drive
Training Schedule: Wednesdays (7pm to 9pm for Ladies). Mixed teams available.
Club: Singapore Netball Academy
Training Venue:  OCBC Arena Hall 3, MGS, HGS, CSTC, KNC
Training Schedule: Saturdays 8am – 6pm, Sundays 8am – 11am, Thursday 5pm – 7pm

Club: Singapore Netball Club
Training Venue : OCBC Arrena Hall 3, KNC
Training Schedule : Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 11am, Monday 8pm – 10pm

Club: Back2Netball
Training Venue : KNC
Training Schedule : Tuesday Monday 8am – 10am
Club: Sports Ready-NZ Flyers
Training Venue: Australian Int Sch (ladies team) / KNC (mixed teams)
Training Schedule: Ladies Team – Monday (7.30pm to 9pm), Mixed Team – Wednesday or Thursday (8pm to 10pm)