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U21 Secures Victory Over Blaze in a Match With 38-32

Monday, 29th June 2015, Kallang Netball Centre (KNC) – Both U21 and Blaze teams were bent on taking the match for their own, continuously fighting for an upper hand in each quarter to ensure that they are taking the lead. It ultimately led to U21 emerging as winners with a close 38-32 victory.

The 1st quarter was won by Blaze, as they gained footing much faster than U21 did. Through several interceptions and rebounds, they managed to gain ball possession to bring the ball to their GS and GA for scoring.

U21, not willing to back down, managed to score several goals of their own, fighting on almost equal footing with their opponents. Consequently, Blaze eventually took this quarter 12-8.

U21 blazed through the court in the 2nd quarter as they tried to catch up and close the point gap. Their fast and long-ranged passes caught Blaze players off-guard in the beginning. U21 used this momentum to plough through the court, despite Blaze intercepting and scoring multiple times. U21 managed to lead in this quarter with 13-8, finally taking the overall lead 21-20.

In the 3rd quarter, Blaze held on to their willpower as the scale seemed to slowly tip in U21’s favor. The rhythm U21 had built in the previous quarter was still in play, causing Blaze to struggle to maintain ball possession. 

Despite the struggle, they still managed to intercept several passes from U21 and use the advantage to score goals. Blaze had to settle the quarter with 6-11, which brings the overall score to 26-32.

The 4th and final quarter saw that U21 were desperate to keep the lead, and Blaze tenaciously tried to catch up. Both teams traded points and as the clock ticked by quickly, the ball possession constantly changed considering that both teams held nothing back to win. Each team tried to get the last goal in with seconds remaining but as the whistle went off, they had to settle with a draw of 6-6.

However, due to the lead they established in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, U21 won over blaze with an overall score of 38-32.

Scores by Quarter: 

U21 vs Blaze

1Q: 8-12 
2Q: 13-8 (21-20)
3Q: 11-6 (32-26)
4Q: 6-6 (38-32)