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Tiger Sharks Secured Finals Spot Against Mission Mannas

Fier Orcas finished 3rd in their second M1NSL2017 appearance, a huge improvement over last year.

23 April, Toa Payoh Sports Hall – Tiger Sharks booked a spot in the grand final of the M1 Netball Super League (M1 NSL) 2017 by triumphing over Fier Orcas 59-47. They will meet title favourites, Mission Mannas next Saturday, 2pm at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall in bid of the Champions title.

Fier Orcas made history by qualifying for the preliminary final in their 2nd appearance in the M1 NSL. The club team did not register any wins in their first NSL season last year. Finishing 2nd in the round games, Tiger Sharks beat Fier Orcas on both occasions in the round games, winning 58-37 (round 1) and 55-40 (round 2).

The first quarter was a tight affair with both teams taking time to settle into the rhythm of the play. Fier Orcas was leading by 3 goals with 5 minutes remaining before Tiger Sharks caught up and took the quarter 13-11.

Fier Orcas made one change in the 2nd quarter, bringing in Tay Shi Pei at WD to replace Tau Galewa, mindful that the Papua New Guinea international players have to play a minimum of 2 quarters and maximum of 3 quarters. Tiger Sharks tightened their defence in 2nd quarter, forcing errors by the Fier Orcas attackers and stretching the lead to 6 goals after 5 minutes. Tiger Sharks continued to dominate and took the quarter 16-7, putting the half-time score at 29-18.

Fier Orcas made several changes in the 3rd quarter, moving Natalie Long to GS, Leah Brokmann to C, Celeste Lee to WA, bringing in Tau Galewa as GD and moving Reena Rajamohan to GK. Fier Orcas began the 3rd quarter with the first centre pass, but was overturned by the Tiger Sharks. Fier Orcas’ defenders, Reena Rajamohan and Tau Galewa stepped up their game to pressure the Sharks’ shooters and intercepted several balls to put Fier Orcas back into the game, reducing the deficit to 9 goals after 7 minutes. The 3rd quarter ended 42-32 to Tiger Sharks.

Tiger Sharks kept the same line-up through the game while Fier Orcas brought in Jacklyn Lahari as WA and moved Celeste Lee to C. Despite fighting all the way to the end, Fier Orcas were unable to break down Tiger Sharks. Tiger Sharks eventually took the match 59-47, with the shooting duo of Cassandra Soh and Zhang Ailin posting a shooting accuracy of 86%.

Vanessa Lee, Captain of the Tiger Sharks was happy with her team’s performance, “I think we played a very controlled game today. We kept our possession and that was key in us winning the game.”

On how they need to counter the Mission Mannas next week, Vanessa said, “Our bodies are tired after two hard games this weekend. We will have to recover well for the final next Saturday against the Mission Mannas. Against the Mannas, we will need to go back to basics and make sure we cut down on unforced errors. Our game will have to be clinical and precise.”

In the 5th vs 6th playoff, SRC Barracudas came from behind to beat M1 Sunfish 44-39 in a tightly contested game to finish 5th in their first M1 NSL season.

5th vs 6th Playoff
SRC Barracudas vs M1 Sunfish
Q1: 12-9
Q2: 19-20 (7-11)
Q3: 30-32 (11-12)
Q4: 44-39 (14-7)

Shooting Accuracy

SRC BarracudasM1 Sunfish
Toh Kai Wei
Jeperth Tulapi
Marie Ottio
Claire Seah
Caitlin Pawley
Lee Pei Shan
Wah Tzy Hyi


SRC BarracudasM1 Sunfish
GS Toh Kai Wei
GA Jeperth Tulapi
WA Marie Ottio
C Jean Chia
WD Siti Nurshawallah
GD Grace Seow
GK Sindhu Nair
GS Claire Seah
GA Caitlin Pawley
WA Olivia Wu
C Eyu Yan Yan
WD Ayshath Zaseela 
GD Nur Aqilah 
GK Joanna Toh


Preliminary Final
Tiger Sharks vs Fier Orcas
Q1: 13-11
Q2: 29-18 (16-7)
Q3: 42-32 (13-14)
Q4: 59-47 (17-15)

Shooting Accuracy

Tiger SharksFier Orcas
Cassandra Soh
Zhang Ailin
Leah Brokmann
Deborah Rowe
Natalie Long


Tiger SharksFier Orcas
GS Cassandra Soh
GA Zhang Ailin
WA Kimberly Lim
C Natalie Carter
WD Kate Low
GD Vanessa Lee
GK Shina Teo
GS Leah Brokmann
GA Deborah Rowe
WA Jacklyn Lahari
C Celeste Lee
WD Tau Galewa 
GD Reena Rajamohan
GK Natalie Long