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SSSC Netball National B Div Girls Preliminary Round 2018

26th March 2018, Monday, OCBC Arena
Singapore Sports School vs Nan Hua High School

Singapore Sports School (SSP) had a close fight against Nan Hua High School (NHH) today. They did not start the match well and were disorganised in their play. In comparison, NHH maintained their composure in the first quarter, keeping to their own pace and winning the first quarter with a score of 9-6.

SSP came back stronger in the second quarter. The players had tighter defence for this quarter, but they also committed many obstruction and contact fouls. This caused them many turnovers. The shooters did not jump for the rebounds, allowing NHH to get the turnover and score more goals. NHH were also able to intercept SSP’s long passes. SSP managed to scrape a quarter-win only by a goal. The final score for the second quarter was 16-15 to SSP.

After the half-time break, SSP came back better on court. There was better communication and support for both attack and defence. Their defence managed to stop NHH from getting the ball into the goal circle, and SSP made more short passes rather than long passes in this quarter. They also worked harder for the rebounds. With great defence and attack, SSP took a comfortable lead of 28-19 by the end of the third quarter.

It was an intense match, and both teams fought really hard. SSP clinched the win with a final score of 36-25.

26th March 2018, Monday, OCBC Arena
Dunman High School vs Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Dunman High School (DMN) and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCG) played an intense game today. Both teams started the match well, defending hard and keeping to their own pace. With both teams committing similar fouls and throwing accurate passes in the first quarter, DMN managed to take the first quarter by 1 goal with a score of 5-4.

SCG played a better second quarter with better passes and good defence, while DMN made many mistakes and fumbled possession quite a few times due to their inaccurate passes. This caused a lot of turnovers, creating opportunities for SCG to score more. SCG managed to turn the tables around and took the lead 11-10.

It was a matter of grit and willpower in the last quarter. SCG made many good plays, some of which were unfortunately negated by their fouls which lost them a few balls in the last quarter. DMN’s perseverance and determination in the match gave them their well-deserved victory and they took the game 26-21. Both teams played well, and the match showed that they could strive for even more.