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SSSC Netball National B Div Girls 2019 – Preliminary Round

2 April 2019, Tuesday, Jurong West Sports Hall

Group B: Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (TKGS) vs Raffles Girls’ School (RGS)
An exciting game as both schools eye to secure top-spot in the group. RGS didn’t start the first quarter well and there were plenty of passing errors. However, they did not back down and turned the score back to their favour, ending the first quarter with a score of TKGS 3-6 RGS.
In the second quarter, RGS seemed to be having a hard time putting the ball into the hoop as they missed a number of chances, including 3 misses from their GA. TKGS took advantage of RGS’s mishap and every opportunity they have to take the lead at end of the second quarter with a score of 10-8.
RGS still have 2 quarters to turn the game around, they made a number of position changes which makes the game more exciting as both team have a chance to winning. However, RGS didn’t seem to surprise TKGS as they are still having a hard time to score and making plenty of errors in passing. The coach of RGS is furious as his side is 5 points behind. TKGS have the win in sights as they finish the quarter at 17-12.
TKGS went into the final quarter with a strong attack as they make accurate and precise passes, sending the ball into the goal circle. TKGS defended well as RGS only managed to score 2 points against them in this quarter.
TKGS finished top of Group B with 9 points after winning RGS with a score of 24-14. TKGS is set to face Methodist Girls’ School for their first quarter-final game.

Group C: Singapore Sports School (SSP) vs St. Hilda’s Secondary School (SHS)
SHS started with a fierce attack with many short and accurate passes finding their GS who has a height advantage over other players. With such advantage, SHS lead after the first quarter with a score of 5-7.
In the second quarter, SSP pick themselves up and attack aggressively against SHS with every opportunity they have. SHS’s GK gave a fierce fight as well, attempting to intercept every single pass into that is sent into the goal circle. SSP started to play a lot of quick and short passes and helped their GS to score 5 points in a row to give themselves the lead at halftime, SSP 15-12 SHS.
A tough fight was being shown by both teams, with a strong desire to top the group. SHS started to play long passes, taking advantage of every single space that they have. SHS are also giving SSP a hard time as they defended strongly against them. A comeback was in sight as SHS ended the third quarter with a score of 22-21, needing 1 more point to equalise.
The final quarter was a dreadful one for SHS as they began to make multiple passing errors and they are losing their scoring ways as their attacking players are failing to put the ball into the net. SSP ensure that there is no room for error as they controlled the game making clear cut passes and having a strong defence. The GS of SSP could as well win the game for SSP as she’s couldn’t stop scoring.
SSP finished first in Group C after a strong performance in the final quarter, with the final score of SSP 35-25 SHS.

Group C: Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) vs CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (SNG)
The most anticipated game of the day as MGS and SNG face off to find out who will be able qualify for the quarter-finals. Knowing that they really need this win in order to through, MGS starting team included their tall GS and their gameplay was mastering quick passes followed by a high ball into the goal circle. Both team put up a strong fight from the start that resulted to a tight score line, MGS 10-8 SNG.
Moving on to the second quarter, SNG began to attack more aggressively but MGS aren’t lowering their standards as they continue their quick aggressive attack and sending high balls to their GS, who didn’t have any trouble catching the ball due to the advantage she possess. The score was still close, with SNG still having a chance to win, MGS 19-16 SNG.
After the break, MGS are not showing any signs of slowing down as they continued to attack. The atmosphere was full of support from both benches as they desperately need the win in order to go through. Moving on to the final quarter, SNG are having a hard time to score points even though they had plenty of opportunities. While on the other side, MGS are having their day, as their Center put in a huge amount of effort by continuously running from one third to another to link up plays to send the ball upfront.
With a final score of 41-28, MGS manage to qualify for the quarter-finals and are going to face TKGS for their first quarter-final game.

28th March 2019, Thursday, Jurong West Sports Hall

Group C: St. Hilda’s Secondary (SHS) vs Bukit Panjang Government High School (BPGH)
SHS are looking to secure a quarter-final spot today after winning SMSS. Meanwhile, BPGH desperately need a win in order to stand a chance to go through to the next round.
In the first quarter, BPGH put up an aggressive fight upfront. The first few minutes of the first quarter was under their control. Defensive mistakes were made by SHS leaving BPGH’s GS to be unmarked. However, SHS got their way back and turned the score back to their favour with quick and swift short passes. SHS could’ve gone into a 2 point lead but the umpire claimed that final point wasn’t counted as the player released the ball after the whistle has been blown. The first quarter ended with a score of 7-6.
The second quarter saw a similar happenings where BPGH started strong, however, the resilient SHS did not let BPGH have their way. The second quarter ended with 11-10 and both teams are hoping for a change in the bottom half.
A number of position shifts were made by the coach during the interval. It was surely a successful one as SHS showed their desire to win by attacking aggressively, scoring 9 points and defended strongly where they only conceded a point to BPGH to end the third quarter with a score of 20-11.
The final quarter was intense as BPGH brought on another GS who has a height advantage and SHS began to make plenty of inaccurate passing which result BPGH to intercept and counter attack more. The GS kept BPGH hopes high for a comeback by scoring a number of points. With the score being tight at 25-23, BPGH are desperately trying to tie the game but it was the GS of SHS who sealed all 3 points for SHS by making the score 26-23. It was a tough fight for both schools as they played their very best.
St. Hilda’s Secondary is set to face Singapore Sports School for game 3. Who will clinch top spot in Group C?

26th March 2019, Tuesday, Jurong West Sports Hall

Group B: Raffles Girls’ School (RGS) vs Nanyang Girl’s High School (NYGH)
The South Zone runners-up, RGS faces NYGH, with a mind-set of securing their first win in this year’s Nationals. In the first quarter, NYGH were making precise passes and creating opportunities for their Goal Shooter. However, the strong wall of RGS defence denies them. RGS’s Goal Attack ‘s form was not her best and were missing her shots resulting RGS to trail by one point after the first quarter.
In the second quarter, RGS’s player received a foul after coming in contact with an attacker from NYGH. With solid defending and great attacking at play, Vanisha, the Goal Shooter manages to score more than 5 points to the turn the tie to RGS’s favour, with the score at half time, 12-6.
With the tie in their favour, RGS went into the third quarter with confidence. Although there were lots of interceptions made as well as a couple of unsuccessful passes by NYGH, the massive attacking pressure made by RGS, caused NYGH to panic. A dreadful pass was intercepted by RGS’s Goal Keeper, Joey, initiated a counter attack allowing Sarah to score. The third quarter was intense as RGS manage to pick up the lead with a score of 21-12.
In the final quarter, NYGH was hoping to make a comeback against RGS, maintaining good passes and smooth play which enabled them to score as both their Goal Shooter and Goal Attacker scoring 4 points each. However, RGS’s Goal Defence created a lot of pressure on attacking players, preventing NYGH to continue scoring more. Goal Attacker from RGS, Sarah also manages to save thethe team with an extremely commendable effort of scoring 3 points, securing the win for RGS with a final score of 24-20.
RGS’s next opponent, North Vista suffered a huge defeat to East Zone Champions, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, 12-31.

Group D: St. Nicholas Girls School (SNG) vs Tanjong Katong Secondary School (TKS)
The North Zone runners-up, SNG are seeking for their first victory in this year’s Nationals but lady luck wasn’t on their side as they face TKS. With height advantage for both teams, TKS cruise to an easy victory over SNG.
In the first quarter, TKS’s gave a fierce fight against SNG as their GS and GA scored 3 points and 4 points respectively. Playing to their height advantage, players of TKS would  send in high balls to their attackers to score. Pressured by the TKS’s defence, the GS of SNG lost focus and made mistakes in the shooting area, which allowed TKS’s GK to claim possession of the ball and initiate a counter attack, with a few short and precise passes to the GA to lead the score 2-5. TKS won the first quarter with the score of 3-7.
After taking lead in the first quarter, SNG begin their attack, hoping to level the score line, as their GS and GA scored 6 points. However, TKS’s GA was having her day taking every single chance she had to score, winning the game for them with scoring a total of 10 points between the two quarters to allow TKS to lead 9-15 at half-time.
Going into the third quarter with confidence, TKS made a switch between their GS and GA where they benefited a lot with more points being scored whereby the GS scored a staggering 5 points while the GA added 3 more to the scoreboard. TKS defended fiercely and only concede 3 points. The win was surely TKS’s when they finished the third quarter with a score of 12-23
During the final quarter, SNG tried to close  the gap by scoring 5 points. Their last point came where TKS made mistake by leaving SNG’s GS unmarked. TKS gave no chances and finished the game 18-31. On the other side of the court, TKS’s next opponent, Methodist Girls’ School won 29-20 against CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent
TKS couldn’t have done it without their GA whom later switches to playing as GS from the 3rd quarter. With her ability of being able to catch high balls, accurate shooting and running out of the goal circle to receive the ball and make plays, she could be the one to look out for in this year’s nationals.