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South Zone ‘C’ Division RGS VS HIJ

25th February 2016, Thursday, Bishan Park Secondary School 

Raffles Girls’ Secondary School vs CHIJ Toa Payoh 

South Zone ‘C’ Division 

CHIJ Toa Payoh claimed victory over Raffles Girls’ in the quarter finals today. The tall and long-limbed players from HIJ were merciless in their defence and marked the RGS players very tightly throughout the entire match. 

RGS were nervous in their play and struggled to get pass the HIJ defence in the first quarter. HIJ took advantage of their height difference and played long and high passes which RGS had difficulty defending. Midway through quarter 1, spirits were down and RGS trailed behind. HIJ lead 12-4 after the end of quarter 1.

The competition tensed up in the 2nd quarter with RGS picking up the pace and fighting back. The team worked brilliantly together and was able to improve their flow of play but due to the inconsistency in shooting, RGS were not able to put in the goals. On top of that, the HIJ Goal Defence, Mishaleene, was excellent. She intercepted several passes in the goal circle, disabling the RGS shooters from shooting. HIJ continued to lead at the end of the 2nd quarter, with the score at 19-5. 

RGS went in full force in the 3rd quarter, which caught HIJ off guard. RGS tightened up in their defence and disrupted HIJ’s flow of play. The 3rd quarter score was even at 5-5 but HIJ still led 24-10 due to the goal difference in the first half. 

HIJ emerged as winners of the match with a final score of 32-13. Both schools played very good netball and it was an entertaining match to watch.