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South Zone C Div Pierce Vs Serangoon Gardens

21st January 2016, Thursday, Bishan Park Secondary School – Peirce Secondary School and Serangoon Gardens Secondary School experienced a rocky start to their game, with both sides missing their passes, along with multiple unforced errors in the South Zone Inter-Schools C Division Netball Championships

.Tension rose in the 2nd quarter as both teams fought equally hard and were driven to win. Peirce was successful in feeding to their shooters but it was not enough to overtake Serangoon Gardens and they were leading 4-2.Peirce was not able to improve their score in the last two quarters because of consecutive missed shots. Serangoon Gardens are persistent and took full advantage of the rebounds, enabling them to widen the score difference. 

Serangoon Gardens managed to secure their first win against Peirce with a score of 14-4.