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South Zone B Division RGS VS SMSS

Wednesday, 24th February 2016, St Margaret’s Secondary School

All eyes were on the players from Raffles Girls’ and St Margaret’s Secondary School. Action-packed and spontaneous, the both teams in green and black gave their supporters a thrilling match to enjoy. Fighting for the 3rd/4th position, they gave their all on court.Right from quarter 1, it was an exciting match to watch. The centre (C), Alisya, from St Margaret’s, stood out on court with her speed. She was able to free herself from RGS’ tall and quick defenders. However, St Margaret’s committed several careless mistakes such as stepping and unsteady passes; which caused them to lose many balls to their opponents. RGS took full advantage of this and went in full force, intercepting every ball when they had the chance to. Goal Attack (GA), Alexandra, from RGS was agile and barely missed a shot. Thanks to her consistency, RGS lead quarter 1 with 12-1 against St Margaret’s.

The action continued in the 2nd quarter. RGS stepped up their game and gave their opponents a super tough fight. Goal Defence (GD), Hyun Young, and Goal Keeper (GK), Miki, were unstoppable in the goal circle; they intercepted many of the passes from St Margaret’s attackers, and caught every rebounds. While the girls from St Margaret’s were visibly tired, they were still determined to push on. RGS led 21-5 by the end of quarter 2.St Margaret’s continued to fight hard in the 3rd quarter. Goal Defence (GD), Charlene, did not let her team go down without a fight. Her efforts to intercept the ball and to defend the Goal Attack from RGS were magnificent. The girls from St Margaret’s were definitely great role models for their juniors who were watching them play; they displayed determination and a will to fight on.

RGS worked superbly well as a team. They portrayed perfect timing, flawless footwork and strong passes, it was fantastic. By the end of the 3rd quarter, RGS lead by a whopping 33-9 against St Margaret’s.With a swap of players, RGS still continued to dominate the court in the last quarter. They widened the score gap, taking home the win with a score of 40-14 against St Margaret’s.