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Raffles Girls’ School vs Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

The atmosphere in OCBC Arena Hall 3 at the Singapore Sports Hub was tense; with cheers and chants coming from the volleyball teams in the next court. Although distracting, Raffles Girls’ School did not allow that to affect their performance. The girls in green and black trounced Ang Mo Kio Secondary School in the fourth match of the day.

The play in the first quarter satisfied the spectators’ eyes as Raffles displayed flawless footwork and agile movements on court. Unfortunately, Ang Mo Kio just could not get through their opponents’ long limbs and quick jumps, causing them to lose many balls to Raffles. At the end of the 1st quarter, Raffles lead 10-2 against Ang Mo Kio. 

Wing Attack, Trina, from Raffles, was able to effortlessly feed the ball to Goal Shooter, Sarah. Ang Mo Kio was determined to defend every ball but they were quite discouraged midway through the 2nd quarter. The score was 23-2 by the end of the 2nd quarter.

Ang Mo Kio fought back hard in the last two quarters and their efforts paid off. They managed to increase their score by 3, leaving them with a score of 5-43 against Raffles by the end of the match. 

Additionally, the both teams displayed excellent sportsmanship on court and were sincere when they helped each other; lending each other a helping hand when one fell, although opponents. The Netball players from Ang Mo Kio and Raffles were great role models for the spectators and the juniors supporting the both schools.

Mayflower Secondary School vs Anglo-Chinese School International


The action continued in the next match, Mayflower and ACSI battled through the match since the very first second. 

Both teams had undying effort and they were at a draw, 5-5, by the end of the 1st quarter. Great communication was the key to Mayflower’s rise in the 2nd quarter. They widened the score margin by 3 goals, with a score of 12 and ACSI at 9. ACSI defended every ball and it was obvious they were fighting back to take the lead. 

ACSI was down by 4 goals in the 3rd quarter, and this made them even hungrier for the ball. Unfortunately, time was running out and they did not manage to catch up. 

It was an exciting match to watch, with Mayflower winning 26-17, against ACSI.

CHIJ Toa Payoh vs Bishan Park Secondary School

CHIJ Toa Payoh dominated the court the moment they took their very first step on court. 

HIJ’s passes were long and high, they barely even dropped a ball throughout all 4 quarters. Despite being smaller in size, the defenders from Bishan Park defended fiercely and jumped for every ball. Unfortunately, the girls from HIJ were just so much taller and stronger than them.

Bishan Park’s Center, Wani, was not intimidated by the size and skill difference and she went for every ball. Her efforts stood out and it was enjoyable to watch. However, the HIJ girls, who played in the Grand Finals in last year’s South Zone Inter-Schools Championships, were too fast and strong for their opponents to overtake. 

Bishan Park was not discouraged and was driven for every ball. It was an amazing experience for them as they battled it out with one of the top schools. By the end of the 3rd quarter, HIJ lead with 45-3 against Bishan Park.
In the end, HIJ won 56-3.