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Singapore National Netball Selection Policy

1. Eligibility

1.1 Players must be citizens of Singapore (or)
1.2 Be born in Singapore or have at least one parent born in Singapore.
1.3 Should a player have represented another country at a World Championships or World Youth Championship they must first receive a clearance from the International Netball Federation (INF) before being eligible to represent Singapore.

2. Selection Panel

2.1 The National Selection panel shall comprise of 3 selectors; the national head coach (who will convene the selection panel), the 21&U head coach and an independent selector. Netball Singapore reserves the right to vary the make-up of the panel from time to time.

3. Selection Process

3.1 All players who are available for National Selection must play in the Netball Super League (NSL). Exceptions may be granted to eligible players based overseas, those with study commitments, injuries, illness or pregnancy.
3.2 The selection process to name the National Squad will normally take place over the duration of NSL, whereby selectors will observe player performance during match play ensuring adequate viewing has been given to all. The selection panel will discuss issues of selection at various times throughout the course of the competition. 
3.3 The National Squad, normally consisting of up to 18 players, shall be named at the completion of NSL. The National team will be selected at various times throughout the subsequent year depending on the National Team’s competitive program.
3.4 Selection of a National Team may occur by holding trials, observing player performance at trainings, practice matches and events. 
3.5 The National Team shall be selected primarily from the Singapore National Squad.
3.6 The Selection Panel reserves the right to add and replace players in the National Squad or select players from outside the National Squad to the National Team, where it believes selection is warranted. A player must be given a warning prior to being replaced in any National Squad or Team outside an official selection so as to provide sufficient time for a player to make the required changes.

4. Player Requirements

4.1 Players must fully comply with Netball Singapore, Sport Singapore and INF rules, regulations and policies.
4.2 Players must fully comply with all WADA requirements and complete the necessary documentation and keep it updated as requested.
4.3 Players must maintain a level of fitness, skill and performance consistent with the requirements of being a national representative.
4.4 Should a 21&U player be a member of the National Squad/Team they must also represent the National 21&U Team unless otherwise approved by Netball Singapore.

5. Selection – Appeal Process

5.1 If a player believes she has grounds to appeal a selection decision, such an appeal must be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer within 7 days of the official announcement of the selection. The Netball Singapore complaints procedure will then be followed.
5.2 The appeal may only be made on the grounds that the selection process was not followed or implemented properly or a lack of good faith was evident.