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Opens Team and Singapore A Squad Selections Announcement

Congratulations to the following players selected for the Opens Team and Singapore A Sqaud. 

Due to the current governmental directive, trainings are now restricted to fitness and technical skills trainings, and no match play at all to ensure the 1m rule is strictly observed. Poly/ITE and school students cannot be included in the trainings as well for now. 

Opens Squad:
1Lee Pei ShanGSBlaze
2Charmaine SohGS, GAMannas
3Toh Kai WeiGA, GS, WASneakers
4Alexandra Leah StewartGA, GSMarlins
5Pooja Senthil KumarGS, GAMannas
6Tan XinyiGSFier Orcas
7Cheyenne Rae HowardWD, GD, GKBlaze
8Kwok ShuyiWA, C, WDLlabten
9Angelina Lim Xue NingC, WASneakers
10Rachel Ling Ru QingGD, WD, GKLlabten
11Laura Low Shu YiC, WABlaze
12Tan Yi JieWD, C, WAMarlins
13Aqilah AndinWD, GDSwifts
14Sindhu NairGK, GDSwifts 
15Miki Ng Min QiGK, GD, WDMannas
16Jamie Lim Jia YinGK, GDBlaze
17Reena DivyaGK, GD, WDSneakers

Singapore A Squad:

1Rachel L De GuaiGS, GASwifts
2Kimberly LimWAMannas 
3Carmen Goh Jia ManC, WASneakers 
4Li Ann NgWD, GDSwifts
5Regine Zhou GA, WA Swifts
6Joanna TohGK, GDLlabten 
7Chen LiliGKMannas 
8Yew Shu NingGD, GK, WDBlaze 
9 Yvonne GohGK, GD Sneakers