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18th February 2016, Thursday – Republic Polytechnic Competition Hall

North Zone C Division Games

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School vs Punggol Secondary School

In the North Zone C Division games; CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School dominated the court in their match against Punggol Secondary School.
The girls from SNG displayed clean footwork and strong passes – enabling them to effortlessly bring the ball down the court. They were ahead by 8 goals, leaving them with a score of 10-2 by the end of quarter 1.

SNG’s height and built in comparison to the petite girls from Punggol was an advantage, and they made full use of it and widen the score difference. However, Punggol was not discouraged and they continued to battle hard. The 2nd quarter score stood at 18-4 to SNG. SNG kept up the momentum in the 3rd quarter and pulled the goal line to 28-5 against Punggol. The match eventually ended with a score of 33-6 to CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School.

Compassvale Secondary School vs Marsiling Secondary School

In the next game, Compassvale Secondary School and Marsiling Secondary School were in action. 

Both teams were competitive, making it hard for both to get the ball to their shooters. By the end of quarter 1, Compassvale lead with a score of 4-1 against Marsiling. 

The coaches closely mentored their players from off court. The score differences after every quarter were only 3. Compassvale took home the win at the end of the last quarter with a score of 14-11 against Marsiling.

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School vs Evergreen Secondary School

The girls from SCGS took home the win in the last game of the day. SCGS’s defense was strong and they made it hard for their opponents to get through. Evergreen’s coach was patient and calm while mentoring the players on court. SCGS won 27-7 against Evergreen.