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Netball Singapore Safe Return Plan

Version 1.0


 The ‘Safe to Return Netball’ guide is developed by Netball Singapore to assist the netball community’s return to activity in a cautious and methodical manner during Circuit Breaker Phases.

These guidelines are based on the advisory issued by SportSG on 17 June 2020.  Link to the advisory is:

This guide will be updated accordingly as further guidance material from SportSG, government and public health authorities is provided.

In resuming netball activities, the objective of Netball Singapore remains the safety of all participants and to ensure the risk of communal infections is minimised.

Additionally, the following measures in this ‘Safe to Return Netball’ guide must be complied with, as well as other prevailing government advisories.


  • All netball organisers eg: clubs, schools, academies are to develop their own plans and be operationally compliant when resuming activities. These plans are to be made available on site for inspection by the authorities. This is required for all facilities, regardless if this is public or private, outdoor or indoor
  • Appointment of Safe Management Officers (SMOs) who are briefed to oversee and ensure that the required Safe Management Measures are in place
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres (2 arms-length) between individuals should be maintained in general while exercising and playing sport
  • A physical distancing of 3 metres (3 arms-length) between individuals should be observed for indoors high intensity or high movement exercise classes

  • Use of “Trace Together” app to facilitate contact tracing to be uploaded by all entering the venue – inside and out
  • Daily temperature screening prior to entry into training venue
  • Designated Safety Manager to be present on entry to venues to take temperature of all athletes, coaches or other approved personnel entering
  • Athletes, coaches or other approved personnel who are unwell, or temperature not under 38 degrees Celsius, or on Stay Home Notice (SHN) or Quarantined Order must not be allowed to enter
  • Enforce physical distancing at all times whilst waiting to enter venue
  • Mandatory to wear masks at all times, until engaging in strenuous training activities
  • Come attire ready to train and leave after training, etc, Get in, Train and Go, etc.
  • Parents/Guardians to drop off/collect in carpark – not to enter venue



  • Venue capacity of venue capacity capped at 10 Sqm per person or 50 persons, whichever is lower, at any one time (ActiveSG Indoor Sports Hall capped at max of 5 per court), refer to SportSG’s advisory.
  • Group trainings must be kept at maximum 5 players per court (excluding 1 coach) or 2 courts (5 players per court) with 1 coach that maintains 3 meters distance between both groups whilst coaching with no intermixing with any groups.
  • Groups must not interact (or swap) and must maintain a distance of 3 metres apart from one another at all times
  • NO sharing of drink bottles or towels
  • Coaches to wear masks at all time
  • Trainings to consist of mainly ball handling and specific court play.  Modify body contact drills to avoid extensive body contact.
  • No 5-aside games can be undertaken, only 2 vs 3 or 2 v 2 (within the same groups of 5)
  • Where possible sharing of equipment is minimized.  All shared equipment to be wiped down/sanitised frequently
  • Bibs to be individualised and taken home to be washed
  • Changing Rooms/Toilets – depending on venue, rostering and controlling the usage of changing rooms and toilets needs to be adhered to prevent overcrowding and loitering



  • Players to leave venue within 15 minutes
  • Scan to checkout “Trace Together” app
  • Adhere to social distancing
  • No loitering within venues or carparks
  • Parent/Guardians to collect outside of venue

         NATIONAL SQUADS – currently training venue: Kallang Netball Courts

  • The measures for National Team Training are over and above those for Community Training as stipulated above
  • 3 coaches per 2 groups of 5 athletes per court
  • No social mixing (or swapping) between groups between athletes and coaches with all groups maintaining 3 metres distance apart
  • Pre-training athletes advised of designated court for training.  In addition, list displayed at courts (5 athletes per court)
  • 4 athletes (from the same group) at one time for changing room/toilet, with name tag system in place to advise players whether at maximum capacity.  Athletes arrived changed in attire (if possible)
  • Trainings to incorporate ball and movement drills, court play.
  • Modify body contact drills to avoid extensive body contact.
  • Masks to be worn at all times unless performing strenuous activity (including before and after training)
  • All equipment to be sterilised
  • Bibs to be individualised and taken home to be washed
  • Athletes leave venue within 15 minutes of cool down, scan “Trace Together” app on exit

 Safe Return to Sport Plan       
Opens & A Squads Trainings (Final)

Risk Assessment: Covid-19

1. Pre-start Commencing Trainings


Prevention and Control Measures

Response to Incident

  1. Athletes


  1. Team Management

  1. Athletes and team management to be advised pre-commencement of trainings procedures on entry to venue, route to courts, restrictions and route to changing rooms/toilet including number restriction, equipment including personal and own netball ball, trainings and leaving venue, wearing of masks


  1. No athlete or team management to attend trainings if unwell

  1. Confirmation from athletes and team management that they have read and understand the ‘Safe Return to Sport Plan’


  1. If athlete or team management are unwell head coach and manager to be notified.  If head coach unwell manager and assistant coach to be notified

2. Venue


Prevention and Control Measures

Response to Incident

  1. Athletes


  1. Team Management


  1. Public

  1. Designated safety manager to be present at gate on entry to take temperature of all athletes and team management


  1. Athletes & Management to adhere to safe distancing whilst waiting to enter venue, including wearing of mask


  1. Athletes shall not arrive more than 15 minutes before training


  1. Athletes & Management to scan app for entry in and out


  1. Athletes & Management sign declaration stating not unwell, have not been in contact with persons at risk, record temperature


  1. Masks by athletes to be worn until commencement of warm-up


  1. Team management to wear masks at all times


  1. Athletes & management walk designated path to courts/changing rooms.  NB: Adhere to restricted number of 2 to changing rooms


  1. No public to be granted access to venue as closed – sign to be displayed


  1. Public disregard sign and enter

  1. Athlete or management temperature not under 38.  Details taken.  Ask to leave immediately to seek medical advice and report back to Head Coach and manager


  1. All athletes and management present advised training cancelled.  Pending results, further information will be communicated.  CEO to be alerted immediately and updated



  1.  Head Coach to approach politely and explain, report to ActiveSG Centre Manager (CM)if situation escalates

3. Courts


                 Prevention and Control Measures

Response to Incident

  1. Athletes cross

  1.  Netball court: length 30.5mtrs/wide 15.25mtrs

                           Shooting circle 9.4sqmtrs

  1.  5 athletes allocation to courts


  1. Athletes communicated court number they are to go directly to via route


  1. Personal gear to be spaced from other athletes at least 2mtr apart


  1. No close interaction with other athletes or management. 


  1. Social distancing: at least 2 metres within members of same group


  1. Social distancing: at least 3 metres implemented between different groups (with no inter-mixing)

Remind athletes & management of regulations

4. Training


Prevention and Control Measures

Response to Incident


  1. Athletes


  1. Team management



  1. 5 players per court.  2 courts:1 roving coach who maintains 3m distance to instruct


  1. No 5-aside games can be undertaken, only 2 vs 3 or 2v2 (within the same groups of 5


  1. Coaches to wear masks at all time


  1. All equipment required e.g. cones; dot laid out in designated athlete area on court to use


  1. Athlete uses own or NS issued netball ball

All equipment to be wiped down with sanitizer or wipes

5. Injuries


Prevention and Control Measures

Response to Incident

Athlete injured – e.g.: sprained ankle, broken bone

Warm up and cool down to prevent injuries

  1. Follow procedure as would with injury.  If physio present to access as per directed by MOH guidelines in treating


  1. Physio not present Head Coach to attend, mask, first aid kit with gloves on – decide procedure accordingly to injury and treatment.  CEO to be notified


6. Changing Rooms/Toilets


Prevention and Control Measures

Response to Incident

Athletes or management not adhering to social distance


  1. Only 4 athletes (within the same group) to changing room and toilets


  1. Head Coach to be notified from safe distance as to wishing to use toilet – noted up on white board number by Head Coach (only use of pen).  Clearly indicates when vacant


  1. Designated route to changing room (along fence, walk directly behind court 1 seats up to shed then across up to changing room/toilet


  1. Athletes must go there directly – not stopping to talk or divert


  1. Inside changing room athletes to be at least 2mtrs apart, masks on


  1. Remind all athletes and management of the protocol of the use of changing rooms/toilets

7. Departing Venue                                                        


Prevention and Control Measures

Response to Incident


  1. Athletes & management remaining behind to talk


  1. Equipment handling


  1. All athletes and management to leave immediately after training, except for Head Coach to clean and put gear away


  1. No athlete to remain in carpark to talk, must leave venue at least 10 minutes after conclusion of training


  1. If being collected by someone, that person must remain in the carpark and not enter the courts


  1. All equipment sterilized.  Individual bib taken by player to be washed


  1. Any athletes or management that have not departed will be reminded


  1. Tracking app by all to be activated for departure