NEWS We are recruiting volunteers for mirxes Nations Cup 2023!

Results for the 19 & Under Tertiary Selection 

Please note that your first training will commence on 8 April 2024 (Monday). Do check your email for more information.

Player Number Full Name School Position(s) Played Height (cm)
1 Nurin Qistina Binte Khairudin Temasek Polytechnic GA, GD 164
2 Kaydence Natalie Hui Jiarong Nanyang Polytechnic GS, GA, GK 174
3 B Divya Mathilda Singapore Polytechnic GK, GD, WD 175
4 Ezann Loo Le Min Ngee Ann Polytechnic GK, GD 172
5 Tiara Amelia Binte Abdul Kader ITE College West GK, GD, GS 168
6 Sri Dhea Dhanira Binte Mohd Riszuan ITE College East GK, GD, WA, WD 175
7 Ashley Chua Ngee Ann Polytechnic C, WD, WA 161
8 Hannah Thomas Republic Polytechnic WD, GD, GK 164
9 Grania Koh Yan Zhen Republic Polytechnic C, WA, WD 164
10 Tan Wei Ting Janissa Ngee Ann Polytechnic GA, WA, GS 166
11 Naeya Chandra Sanders Temasek Polytechnic GD, WD 170
12 Lim Ke Ni Kristen Nanyang Polytechnic C, WD, WA 163
13 Jernise Moh Jing Wen Republic Polytechnic WA, WD, C 161
14 Tan Wei Lin, Kristy Waiting for University C, WA 166
15 Wong Xuan Yi Ngee Ann Polytechnic WA, GA, GS 165
16 Charlotte Megan Lee Rui Waiting for University GS, GA 179
17 Kow Hui Min Mavia Singapore Polytechnic GS, GA 183
18 Haeley Chuow Yu Qian Waiting for University GS, WA, GA, C 165
19 Petra Quek E-Ling Nanyang Polytechnic GA, GS, WA 170
TP: Training Partner