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NC14 Player Profile – Papua New Guinea

Lua Rikis, 32, GS/GA/GK/GD

1. The best thing about netball is the friendship, bond and memories created with a unique bunch of women

2. My role model in sport are all those mothers who are still competing at the highest level in their sport

3. When I’m not playing netball I am studying at UPNG doing a bachelors degree in Business Management and spending QT with my husband and 2 children (6yrs & 1yr)

4. My favourite warm up music is anything with a catchy beat, one that will get the blood pumping

5. My favourite Asian food is fried noodles.

6. People should visit PNG because we have beautiful beaches, untouched virgin rainforest and friendly people

7. My goal in netball is to keep my spot in the team and qualify for the next world cup/ comm. Games

8. When in Singapore for Nations Cup, I want to go sight seeing and indulge in some fine Asian cusine, that is after the tournament

Courtney Abel, 17, GD/WD/GK

1. The best thing about netball is that it’s a team sport. You’re not alone on the court or off – one for all, all for one!

2. My role model in sport is Muhammed Ali because he was such a focused, energetic, self-confident athlete. He demonstrated all the qualities needed to be a champ (I guess that’s why he was world heavyweight boxing champ)

3. When I am not playing netball I am at school in Toowoomba, Australia pounding the textbooks on that independent business woman path. I listen to a lot of music, read and talk to my best friend heaps.

4. My favourite warm-up music is usually West Indian, dance house kind of music but quite recently I got into a Solomon Islander band/artist called Dezine. My little brother got me hooked and now they just complete my warm up

5. My favourite Asian food is… where do I begin?! Phad thai, curry, laksa, dim sums, nasi goreng, sushi, satay chicken, a good chicken curry, naan, roti…. list goes on for days!

6. People should come to visit my country because Papua New Guinea is absolutely beautiful and has such a raw culture! Beaches, forests, hiking, surfing, you name it – we’ve got it all. We are one of the world’s most diverse countries in terms of culture, language, ethnicity, & flora and fauna. We’re a little rough around the edges but we’re a young nation at the forefront of development – definitely worth a visit!

7. My goal in netball is to win! Just like any other athlete I strive for success. On a less competetive level however, I believe netball is the perfect platform to empower women and so that is also my goal – to empower others through netball.

8. When in Singapore for Nations Cup, I want to do my best for my country and play some quality netball. From a more touristy point I would love to go to Marina Bay Sands for a dunk in the pool.