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Nations Cup 16 Match Report: Zambia Vs Canada

The second match of Day 4 of the Mission Foods Nations Cup was won by Team Zambia who beat Team Canada (78 – 26).

Hellen Banda (GS) of Zambia scored the first goal of the quarter. Canada managed to bring the ball across the court, but were blocked by the strong defence by Zambia. After Tracy To (GS) of Canada scores a goal, the score was evened out to 3 – 3. Due to a miss from Canada’s Lianna Wong (GA), Zambia had an opportunity to score. Zambia continued on strong and Elizabeth Bwalya (GA) scored Zambia their third goal in a row. GS To scored another goal despite Zambia’s strong defence. Zambia reacted fast and caught up, making the score 19 – 7.

The second quarter began with GS Banda scoring the first goal within 30 seconds. Strong defence from Zambia prevented Canada from scoring a goal. Following this was GS Banda making a sixth goal within three minutes. GA Bwalya scored the eighth goal for Zambia within five minutes with the effort of the players’ quick reaction and agility. It was a tough quarter for Canada as the score was 24 – 2, in favour of Zambia.

Alyssa Binns (GD) of Canada managed to block Zambia from scoring a goal despite Zambia’s quick passes. Canada continued to put up a strong defence as Megan Widmer (WA) blocks a pass from Zambia. The goal shooter of Canada was switched to Sharlee Rose (GS), who scored Canada two goals. Zambia continued to make sharp passes and accurate shots narrowing Canada’s chances of scoring, ending the quarter with a score of 63 – 16.

The final quarter saw Canada scoring more goals. GA Wong made more accurate shots for this quarter even though she was playing with an injury. Even with Canada’s defence was stronger in this quarter, GA Bwalya manages to secure a goal. Despite Canada’s quick passes, Zambia finishes the game a landslide win of 78 – 26.

Coach Zulu, Team Zambia 
“I think the game was fine, the girls played to instructions. We’re staying positive and we need to continue to work hard to win all the matches.”

Coach Rosemary Willcocks, Team Canada
“I really thought they fought hard and they did not give up – they had a lot of heart. They stuck to our game plan and I have a lot of respect for them. It is not just their first time playing on an international stage but also seeing international teams play. We are grateful to be here and playing against such good teams.”


• Hellen Banda from Zambia was the highest scorer
• Zambia led for all four quarters
• Canada scored the most goals for their team in the final quarter
• The second quarter had the biggest margin of 22 points 
• The sub of Sharlee Rose improved Canada’s shooting accuracy


Total Attempts8252
Goal Percentage95%50%