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National a Division Championships 2017 (ACJC VS SAJC)

Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) vs St Andrew Junior College (SAJC)

In the preliminary game of the National A Division Netball Championships, ACJC beat SAJC by 54-27.

SAJC had a nervous start with errors which result in unnecessary turnovers to the ACJC. In comparison, ACJC started well and their shooters put in every shot with confidence from their own centre passes and turnovers. This put them in the lead for the first quarter with the score of 14-5.

Both teams displayed strong defence. In particular, the Goal Keeper (GK) from SAJC was aggressive with belligerent attitude that gained numerous successful interceptions and rebounds. However, the players from SAJC were unable to progress due to ACJC’s interceptions in the centre third. Despite having a petite size, Goal Attack (GA) from ACJC was able to withstand the pressure from the long limbs of the SAJC’s GD and managed to sink in several magnificent shots from far distance. ACJC led the second quarter 27-13. 

SAJC’s attack struggled in the third quarter as ACJC’s defenders were hard on them, following them tightly. Nonetheless, SAJC showed no fear in their play as they found their momentum back. Although the midcourt players were able to deliver the ball down the court swiftly, thefeeders were unable to get the ball into the goal circle which cause plentiful of turnovers and widening the score gap, 38-22.

Despite trailing, SAJC were not discouraged. They tightened up their defence and were determined to push through regardless of the score difference. The competition on court was intense and both teams certainly gave a good fight but in the end, ACJC emerged as winners with the score of 54-27.