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National 14/u & 17/U Development Squad 2016

Congratulations to the players who were named in the National Schools 14/U and 17/U Development Squad following the recent trials on 5th March at PESEB.

The Development Squad is a 6-week programme to provide training and development for potential players and to prepare them for the National Age Group selections on the 23rd April 2016.

Also invited to the National Age Group Selections will be players from the schools participating in the National rounds as well as the 2015 14/U and 17/U National Team.

The 14/U and 17/U Development Squad training sessions will be conducted once a week at the OCBC Arena Hall 3, Singapore Sports Hub, unless otherwise arranged. Please wear a white top and dark bottoms for the trainings. 





14/U Team Officials

Lin Shuangru

Tan Khiok Sing

Pun Jia Hua

17/U Team Officials

 Saadiah Khamis

Chan Hui Chieh 

Hu Xueling, Olivia

14/U National Schools Development Squad

1Nicole SohFairfield Methodist SchoolGS/GA
2Gladys ChiaPaya Lebar Methodist Girls’ SchoolGA/GS
3Kang Yue TongEast Spring Secondary SchoolGA/GS
4Nur Nadhirah Bte AliNorth Vista Secondary SchoolGA/GS
5Koh Cheng JieRegent Secondary SchoolGA
6Diyanah Bte DahlanNorth Vista Secondary SchoolC/WA
7Lim Wan HsinAng Mo Kio Secondary SchoolWA/C
8Nur Adilah JamaludinAhmad Ibrahim Secondary SchoolWD
9Desiree KheongEast Spring Secondary SchoolC/GA/GS/WA
10Tan Rui YingRegent Secondary SchoolC
11Trisha R ATemasek Secondary SchoolGK
12Rya Ann MatthewBowen Secondary SchoolGK/GD
13Brenda Ng JinyuTemasek Secondary SchoolGD/GK
14Charlotte Rebecca ChangPaya Lebar Methodist Girls’ SchoolWD/GD/C
15Rene TehPaya Lebar Methodist Girls’ SchoolGS/GK

The trainings for 14/U will be on:
11 March (Friday) 5 – 7pm
17 March (Thursday) 5 – 7pm 
24 March (Thursday) 5 – 7pm
31 March (Thursday) 5 – 7pm 
7 April (Thursday) 5 – 7pm 
14 April (Thursday) 5 – 7pm

17/U National Schools Development Squad

1Sim Ann LinHillgrove Secondary SchoolGA/C/WA
2Gina Tan Ai JiaNorth Vista Secondary SchoolWA/GA
3Manting TanACS (Independent)C/WA/WD
4Jodie Teo Qi EnNorth Vista Secondary SchoolWD/GD
5Amanda Leong Wen HuiChristchurch Secondary SchoolGD/GK
6Vera Liew Jing YuNorth Vista Secondary SchoolGA/GS/WA
7Kelly Ding Min EnHillgrove Secondary SchoolC/GD
8Tan Si TingHillgrove Secondary SchoolGS
9Syntyche Yeo Syn YuClementi Town Secondary SchoolGS/GA
10Debra LimSt Hilda’s Secondary SchoolGA/GS
11Angeline Rebecca Leong Wei QiCHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ SchoolWA/C/GA/GD
12Gabrielle LeeSt Hilda’s Secondary SchoolGD/GK
13Quek JazrylCHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ SchoolGK/GD
14Chua Yong QiWest Spring Secondary SchoolGK/GD
15Quek Mei Xue MichelleNorth Vista Secondary SchoolGK/GD/WD

The trainings for 17/U will be on:
14 March (Monday) 6 – 8pm 
21 March (Monday) 6 – 8pm 
28 March (Monday) 6 – 8pm 
4 April (Monday) 6 – 8pm 
11 April (Monday) 6 – 8pm 
18 April (Monday) 6 – 8pm