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M1 Nsl: Semi-finals Match Reports

Semi-Final 1: Fier Orcas vs Magic Marlins

This is Fier Orcas’ 2nd M1 Netball Super League (M1 NSL) appearance and their first foray into the semi-finals. The team ended their first M1NSL season without any wins but improved tremendously to make the semis.

Both teams started shakily with Fier Orcas capitalizing on Magic Marlins’ errors to bring the score to 4-1 after 4 minutes before Magic Marlins picking up to level the score at 6-6 after 8 minutes. The play was even between both teams and the quarter ended at 13-15 to the Magic Marlins.

Fier Orcas’s Tau Galewa came in as WD replacing Tay Shi Pei while Magic Marlins brought in Tan Zay Hua as C, with both teams mindful of the court time restrictions of the PNG players. The rules state that teams have to play their international players a minimum of 2 quarters and maximum 3 quarters. Kilala Owen was outstanding for Magic Marlins in the circle but the team was let down by several miss passes through the court. Fier Orcas won the quarter and brought the goal difference down to 1 goal at 26-27 to Magic Marlins.

In the 3rd quarter, Fier Orcas made several changes in their line-up, moving Natalie Long to GS, Leah Brokmann to C and Tau Galewa into the circle as GD. Magic Marlins also made a few changes, bringing in Nur Athirah as GA and Nur Khalisah as GD to replace Kilala Owen. With the changes in the shooting circle, Fier Orcas were able to capitalize on the absence of the experienced Owen and the lead changed hands after 6 minutes into the 3rd quarter. With confidence growing through the court Fier Orcas extended their lead to 5 goals, winning the quarter 17-11 to bring the score to 43-38.

Kilala Owens and Pamela Liew came back in for Magic Marlins as GK and GA respectively and Fier Orcas moved Leah Brokmann back to GS and Natalie Long to GK in the 4th quarter. However, Fier Orcas continued with the momentum and stormed into a 10 goal lead 6 minutes into the 4th quarter. The shooting duo of Deborah Rowe and Leah Brokmann remained composed despite the pressure of the match. Fier Orcas won the match 56-44, qualifying for the preliminary final and putting themselves a step closer to the finals.

Q1: 13-15
Q2: 26-27 (13-12)
Q3: 43-38 (17-11)
Q4: 56-44 (13-6)

Shooting Accuracy

Fier OrcasMagic Marlins
Deborah Rowe
Leah Brokmann
Natalie Long
Yu Mei Ling
Pamela Liew
Nur Athirah


Fier OrcasMagic Marlins
GS Leah Brokmann
GA Deborah Rowe
WA Jacklyn Lahari
C Celeste Lee 
WD Tay Shi Pei
GD Reena Rajamohan
GK Natalie Long
GS Yu Mei Ling
GA Pamela Liew
WA Nur Liyana
C Shanna Dringo
WD Josephine Yeo
GD Melody Teo
GK Kilala Owen


Semi-Final 2: Mission Mannas vs Tiger Sharks

Mission Mannas go into the semi-finals undefeated in the round games. Mission Mannas beat Tiger Sharks on both occasions, winning 38-36 and 51-35. 

Tiger Sharks settled into the game quicker and were leading by 2 goals 6 minutes into the game. However, Mission Mannas proved to be the stronger team once they got into their rhythm and led the first quarter by 14-8.

Both teams are strong defensively and the game was tight, allowing for little mistakes. There were several turnovers from both teams but the attackers struggled to feed the ball into the shooting circle. Mission Mannas finally got the breakthrough with 5 minutes of the quarter remaining and broke away with a 6-goal lead.The 2nd quarter ended 12-6 to Mission Mannas, bringing the score to 26-14.

Tiger Sharks made several changes to their line-up in the 3rd quarter, with Kimberly Lim going in as WA, Tan Shini as WD and moving Zhang Ailin to GA, Natalie Carter to C and Vanessa Lee to GD. Both teams were neck-to-neck and displayed good and fluid netball action. Tiger Sharks took the quarter 12-11, putting the score at 37-26 at the end of quarter 3.

The 4th quarter was evenly matched and ended 10-10, with the final score at 47-36. Mission Mannas qualified for the finals on 29 April, 2pm while Tiger Sharks will play against Fier Orcas tomorrow at the preliminary final at 3pm to determine who will take the other final spot. SRC Barracudas and M1 Sunfish will compete in the 5th vs 6th placing match at 1pm tomorrow.

Q1: 14-8
Q2: 26-14 (12-6)
Q3: 37-26 (11-12)
Q4: 47-36 (10-10)

Shooting Accuracy

Mission MannasTiger Sharks
Charmaine Soh
Jocelyn Ng
Cassandra Soh
Natalie Carter
Zhang Ailin


Mission MannasTiger Sharks
GS Charmaine Soh
GA Jocelyn Ng
WA Low Yi Lun
C Nurul Baizura
WD Parveen Nair
GD Micky Lin
GK Premila Hirubalan
GS Cassandra Soh
GA Natalie Carter
WA Zhang Ailin
C Vanessa Lee
WD Kate Low
GD Shina Teo
GK Chen Lili