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M1 NSL Player Profile – Yasmin Ho

Yasmin Ho, 30, GA/GS, Sneakers Stingrays

What was the best advice you were ever given?
Make till you miss, miss till you make 

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?
To give the best in whatever you do

If you were to take up another sport, what would it be, and why?
Swimming –I like the sense of satisfaction derived after each swim session.

Can you describe yourself with 3 words?
Calm, cool and composed

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I will still be playing for Sneakers club

What was your most significant accomplishment (not netball related) in your life so far?
Helping my patients recover and influencing my friends to have healthy lifestyles

At what age did you start playing Netball?
13 years old

Which Netball player (local/international) do you look up to? 
Sng Li Li

What sparked your interest in Netball?
I was looking for a team sports to join in secondary school and out of coincidence, I was drawn into this sport for more than a decade after that

What position do you play?
Goal shooter, goal attack

If given the chance to play another position, what would it be?
Wing attack

What is your biggest challenge as a Netball player, and what do you do to manage this challenge?
Amount of time required for netball trainings. I sacrifice my sleep time and personal time with friends and family.

What do you look forward to accomplishing in the M1 Netball Super League 2016?
Enjoy playing the game with my Sneakers teammate

Why do you play Netball?
To challenge myself and I enjoy playing netball with my teammates

How has Netball impacted your life?
It made me a more disciplined person

How do you plan on achieving your team’s goals?
Train hard together with my teammates and motivate one another

What role/position do you play in your team, besides than your actual position on court?
I ensure that my teammates take the right medicines that they need

In your opinion, which team is the strongest?
I think all the teams are strong in different aspects

Which team(s) is/are you most excited to play against, and why?
Marlins, because our clubs have had a deep history with each other.

Besides than your own team, which team do you think will win this year’s M1 Netball Super League?

What does your team do before every game?
We have team talk

Which player (from your team/other teams) do you look up to, and what do you admire most about her?
My coach. He plays all seven positions on court.

What do you think you and your team will do with the money if you girls win? 
The money goes into our club fund and will be used for the benefits of Sneakers club.