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M1 NSL Player Profile – Shawallah Rashid

Learn more about SRC Barracudas player, Shawallah Rashid (WD/C/WA)

Nickname: Sha

Height: 171cm

National Representation:

Social Media:

Facebook: Shawallah Rashid
Instagram: @shawallahrashid

I am best known to my teammates for… saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times which can be very funny at times.

My lethal weapon on the netball court is… my sticky defence.

In my spare time I like to… just laze in bed and watch kdramas.

My inspiration to continue to excel in netball comes from… my family.

If I could be a celebrity for one day, I would be… And why… Jimmy Fallon. Everyone loves him. He is such a funny guy in his own ways!

My match day preparation includes… A can of coffee and an extra warm up.

If you won 1 million dollars, what would you do with it… I want to travel the world.

The thing I look forward to most about Singapore is… tom yum ban mian!