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M1 NSL Player Profile – Sabina Cheah

Learn more about Magic Marlin’s player, Sabina Cheah (WD, C)

Nickname: Sabi / Sabb

Height: 167cm

Social Media:

Facebook: Sabina Cheah
Instagram: @sabicheah
Snapchat: sabinacheah



1. I am best known to my teammates for… Smiling too much on/off court, saying “Sorry” and having a big appetite.

2. In my spare time I like to… Read books or watch old films/tv series

3. My inspiration to continue to excel in netball comes from… My teammates who constantly push me to strive harder, believing that I can be a better player
and Sharni Layton(!!!)

4. If I could be a celebrity for one day, I would be… And why? Audrey Hepburn, I want to relive Hollywood’s Golden Age. I want to feel what is it like to be
famous in Hollywood, yet humble and compassionate in giving back to the society. To also be in an era where electronics and social media is not a big part of our lives, lesser distraction.

5. My match day preparation includes… A power nap if I have the time. Coffee if I feel sleepy. Eating, until I’m just before the full capacity, but enough to last through a game. If I get nervous, I’ll listen to songs, read or just talk to my teammates.

6. If you won 1 million dollars, what would you do with it… I would give a ¼ to my parents , a ¼ to my grandparents & god grandparents, a ¼ to a charity, and the last quarter to buy all the books in a library/shop so I do not have to borrow them anymore.

7. The thing I look forward to most about Singapore is… FOOOOOD! I love our local foods.