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M1 NSL Player Profile – Olivia Wu

Learn more about M1 Sunfish Player, Olivia Wu (C, WD).

Nickname: Oli/Wu/Omei

Height: 169cm

National Representation Experience: U21

Social Media ID:

               Facebook Page: Olivia Wu

               Instagram: heywu

               Snapchat: heywu

1. I am best known to my teammates for…

Overusing the phrase “What areee thooooseee”

2. My lethal weapon on the netball court is…

Vision of space

3. In my spare time I like to…

Hang out with my 13 years old adorable Maltese and bringing him out for a jog that he cannot handle. HAHA

4. My inspiration to continue to excel in netball comes from…

My teammates, good netball played by various people and knowing that there is always room for improvement.

5. If I could be a celebrity for one day, I would be… And why

Dwayne Johnson!!!! I want to feel how it’s like to be that well-built, to embrace the stares from people on the street, enjoy how intimidated people will get and surprise everyone by being a soft and kind person.

6. My match day preparation includes…

I will ensure that my pre game meal is carbo loaded and eaten about 3 hours before the match. Also, I will watch clips of my previous games to mentally prepare myself. There are also certain must do stretches before I begin the team warm up.

7. If you won 1 million dollars, what would you do with it…

I will probably go really crazy for about a week? But I will make sure I keep it low profile so people like Joanna Toh won’t rob me. Jokes, I will probably use half to sponsor her vet science studies so she will owe me for life and use the other half to start a business.

 8. The thing I look forward to most about Singapore is…

Definitely F O O D!!!!! Carrot cake, chicken rice, Ice kacang, Ayam penyet, laksa, Lor mee, prata and the list goes on….