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M1 NSL Player Profile – Charmaine SOH

Get to know Mission Mannas’ Shooting Superstar, Charmaine Soh (GS/GA/WA).

Nickname: Char

Height: 175cm

National Representation Experience:

Singapore Opens (2011 – Present)

Social Media ID:

Facebook Page: charmainesohsh

Instagram: charmainesoh

Snapchat: charmainesoh


  1. I am best known to my teammates for… Being a foodie!
  2. My lethal weapon on the netball court is… My unorthodox shooting.
  3. In my spare time I like to… Cafehop and explore new food, places and things.
  4. My inspiration to continue to excel in netball comes from… Having a positive mindset.
  5. If I could be a celebrity for one day, I would be… And why… Alicia Keys, love her voice and the way she plays the piano.
  6. My match day preparation includes… Making sure I have at least 10 hours of rest before a match, a very filling breakfast and listening to classical music.
  7. If you won 1 million dollars, what would you do with it… Will I be that lucky?! I’ll probably start a fashion business and give back to the society.
  8. The thing I look forward to most about Singapore is… The food and the people J