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M1 NSL Player Profile – Aow Ci Hui

Get to know Tiger Sharks Goal Shooter Aow Ci Hui (GA, GS, WA)

Nickname: Aow or AowCi

Height: 167.5cm

National Representation Experience:

Singapore National Under 21s (2010)

 Social Media ID:

Facebook Page: Ci Hui



1. I am best known to my teammates for…

Playing another sport; cricket competitively.

2. My lethal weapon on the netball court is…

My shots!

3. In my spare time I like to…

Practise Yoga, read, and play other sports such as cricket, softball, and volleyball.

4. My inspiration to continue to excel in netball comes from…..

Watching national players (i.e. Ailing, Hui Fen) who are of similar height to me playing at the GA/GS positions!

5. If I could be a celebrity for one day, I would be… And why

Gordon Ramsey! I aspire to be a good cook.

6. My match day preparation includes…

Eating a proper meal two hours before my game, visualizing and penning down my goals for the match.

7. If you won 1 million dollars, what would you do with it…

I would give 20% to charity organizations, 40% to my parents and family, and use 40% to travel the world.

8. The thing I look forward to most about Singapore is…