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INF Umpire & UAP Appointments For The Netball World Youth Cup 2017

The International Netball Federation (INF) is pleased to announce that the following have been appointed as Umpires and Umpires Appointment Panel (UAP) for the Netball World Youth Cup (NWYC) which is being held in Gaborone, Botswana 8th to 16th July 2017.


International Talent Identified Umpire (ITID):
Abednico Chetelo
Joel Brown
Tracy-Ann Griffiths
Wayne Benti
Alison Davies
Tania Fink
Gareth Fowler
Ann Hay

International Umpires’ Award (IUA):
Marielouw van der Merwe
Janet Edeling
Elizna van den Berg
Anso Kemp
Marion Johnson Hurley
Yu Bee Ling
Joan Catherine Yulliani
Nigel Lim
Tara Warner
Tracey Lamb
Kate Stephenson
Louise Travis
Angela Armstrong-Lush


International Umpires’ Award Testing Panel (ITP):
Maggie du Plessis
Yvette Smith
Jacqui Jashari
Bill Alexander
Fay Meiklejohn

ITP Cadet:
Annie Kloppers

* The INF will announce the name of the UAP Chair by the beginning of March 2017

We have Umpires and ITP who have also kindly agreed to be on reserve, in case of any withdrawal. Should a replacement be needed the change related to that will be announced accordingly.

INF International Umpiring Manager, Christina Davidson, says: 
“Congratulations to those who have been appointed and I am pleased there will be so many world class umpires in action at the first international event held by the INF on the African Continent.”

Thanks go to the members of INF OAG2016-5 for providing their input and time to complete the Officiating Advisory Group (OAG) for the NWYC2017 Umpire and UAP Selection and the INF wishes all those involved well in undertaking their duties.

To understand more about the role of an OAG please refer to the INF website:

For more information related to International Umpiring please go to the INF website: