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Fier Orcas Secure Win Early on in Game but Blaze Fought Hard Until the End

Monday, 6th July 2015, Kallang Netball Centre (KNC)  – The Fier Orcas played a very strong game securing a 68-31 win against Blaze proving to be very strong contenders in the competition. There were a lot of turnovers during the game and great defending by both teams which made for an exciting game.


Although the win went to the Fier Orcas, a strong game was played in all quarters by both teams. Blaze fought until the end but could not come back after the Fier Orcas secured a neat 20 goals in the second quarter, placing them 18 points ahead. Blaze started out strong in the first quarter scoring 5 goals in the first 5 minutes but Fier Orcas then caught up quite soon after they could see how their opponents were playing and almost managed to score 9 goals in a row until Blaze was able to nicely swish a shot in.  

In the third quarter Fier Orcas kept their game strong with another high score of 18 goals. The team had some great turnovers including a fantastic intercept by the Goal  Keeper in Blaze’s circle. In the last few minutes of the quarter, Blaze’s Goal Attack scored a great goal from the outer  edge of the goal circle right before scoring another goal not long after.

 The fourth quarter continued to see the Fier Orcas’ Goal Shooter getting the ball under the net and missing only one shot, finishing with a total of 15 goals and 6 for Blaze.  This was not to say that Blaze did not play exceptionally hard to try and gain more possession with some great intercepts. The final goal of the match was made by Fier  Orcas’ Goal Shooter.

 After the game the Captain of the Fier Orcas, Joyce Koh, who played Wing Defence and Coach Kok Mun Wai agreed that they had a slow start but then started working to  their strengths, allowing them to pick up their game. They kept the ball high which helped the team to secure their win early on.

Scores by Quarter: 
Fier Orcas Vs Blaze

1Q: 15 – 10 
2Q: 20 – 7 (35 – 17)
3Q: 18 – 8 (53 – 25)
4Q: 15 – 6 (68 – 31)