NEWS We are recruiting volunteers for mirxes Nations Cup 2023!


Attention all Secondary School netballers: The Singapore Sports School’s Netball Academy is now recruiting mid-stream talents! Join our elite netball programme dedicated to the long-term development of future national netballers.

Join Singapore Sports School’s dedicated netball programme focusing on long-term athlete development for aspiring national netballers. The Singapore Sports School’s approach provides student-athletes with a high-performance ecosystem allowing them to maximize sport potential with dedicated sports science support from SportsSG, Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), and National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI), fulfil education aspirations, and develop holistically.

Our Netball Academy has an impressive track record of producing national players such as Kimberly Lim, Aqilah Andin, Khor Ting Fang, Tan Yi Jie, and Faithmaria Lawrence.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your netball game and achieve excellence. Scan the QR code in the poster to indicate your interest in joining the Singapore Sports School Netball Academy today!  Application for SSP Netball Academy closes on 28 June 2024 for all Secondary School netballers.