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Tanjong Katong Secondary School vs Bedok View Secondary School

In the East Zone Inter-Schools Netball Championships 2016 C Division at Springfield Secondary, Tanjong Katong Secondary School trounced Bedok View Secondary School with a jaw-dropping score of 55-0. 

The girls in green displayed great team communication and the flow of their play was impressive. By the end of the first quarter, Tanjong Katong took the lead by 15 goals thanks to their shooters’ consistency. Goal Attack, Sabrina, and Goal Shooter, Gyenn, barely missed their shots and this easily allowed them to widen the score gap. 

Bedok View, on the other hand, was not at all discouraged. Their reserve players started off the 2nd quarter with high and long passes, which were, unfortunately, disrupted by the lengthy Tanjong Katong defenders. 

Tanjong Katong managed to steal several of their opponent’s Centre passes in the 3rd quarter and that enabled them to increase their score. The girls then gave their all in the last quarter, from a score of 37 in quarter 3 to a score of 55 by the end of the match; an impressive increase of 18 shots. 

The girls from Bedok View were not disheartened by the score as they took this as an experience to further improve their play.

Coral Secondary School vs Tampines Secondary School

Coral Secondary School took home the win after an exciting match against Tampines Secondary School. 

Since the start of the 1st quarter, the pressure on court has already built up. Both teams continuously intercepted the ball from their opponents; hence the flow of the game  was unpredictable. Coral took the lead by 4 goals with their consistent shots.

Both teams fought hard for the ball. With both teams’ coaches mentoring the players from off-court, the girls were able to handle the pressure and continued to compete for the ball. 

Coral easily widened the score difference in the 3rd quarter with the consistent shots from their Goal Attack. Even though Tampines interrupted many passes from Coral, their opponents were quick to steal the ball back. 

By the end of the last quarter, Coral won by an impressive score of 30-8 against Tampines.

Greenview Secondary School vs Bedok South Secondary School

Greenview Secondary School and Bedok South Secondary School both fought hard and fierce to take home the win. 

The girls from Bedok South displayed flawless footwork and steady passes. Wing Defence, Haidah, stood out from the other defenders playing on court with her fearless defending and fierce intercepts. 

By the end of the 2nd quarter, Greenview widen the score margin by 10, leading with 17-7 against their opponents. Even though Bedok South was down, their shooters were consistent and did not miss a shot. Most of their shots came from their Goal Attack, Arveen. 

Greenview’s teamwork shone on court in the 3rd quarter with great chemistry from their Goal Shooter, Tze Ching and Goal Attack, Hannah, in the goal circle with their feeders. This enabled them to lead by 17 goals in the 3rd quarter. 

In the last quarter, Bedok South tightened their defense but it was too late. The attention was focused on the players in the goal circle; both defenders and shooters were battling it out for the ball. Greenview eventually emerged as winners with a score of 36-11.