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East Zone C Div – Cedar Girls Vs Springfield

Dunman Secondary School, Tuesday, January 19, 2016 – In the East Zone Inter-Schools Netball Championships 2016 B Division, Cedar Girls’ emerged as the winners in their game over Springfield Secondary School with a score of 32-14. Cedar Girls’ were leading by 6 goals in the 1st quarter despite Springfield putting up a strong fight against them.

Springfield portrayed strong defence and were still able to feed the shooters the ball despite Cedar Girls’ tight defenders. Unfortunately, the Springfield shooters missed a few shots and Cedar Girls’ Goal Keeper, Keziah, managed to steal the rebounds; allowing them to lead 15-8 against their opponents.

Both teams displayed great communication and constantly motivated their players on court. Throughout all 4 quarters, the competition was tense and the action in the goal circle was outstanding. With strong and tight defense from Goal Keeper and Goal Defense of Cedar Girls’ and the speed and fluid movements of Goal Shooter, Sabrina, from Springfield, the next move was unpredictable – it was nail-biting moments! 

Cedar Girls’ widened the gap by 17 goals in the 3rd quarter, easily allowing them to take home the win. Although Cedar Girls’ won by 18 shots, Springfield gave them a good fight and both teams were equally fierce.