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East Zone B Div – Dunman Vs Tanjong Katong

21st January 2016, Thursday, Dunman Secondary School – All eyes were on the Dunman Secondary School and Tanjong Katong Secondary School game. Both teams from the East Zone B Division  were aggressive and wildly ravenous for the ball. 

Time barely passed in the 1st quarter yet Tanjong Katong managed to steal Dunman’s centre pass. The TK players were too eager and a careless pass to their  teammate caused the ball to fall in their opponent’s hands; Dunman fiercely snatched away the ball. Thereafter Dunman was not at all hesitant to feed their shooter  the ball, and they did so with brilliant speed and fluidity. But TK’s defenders in the goal circle did not make it easy for the shooters in the goal circle. Dunman took  the lead by 6 goals in the 1st quarter because of their shooter’s impressive consistency.

Despite trailing, TK was definitely not discouraged. Goal Defence, Cassandra, stood out from her fellow defenders on court. However, Dunman’s players were simply unstoppable. Tension rose quickly in the 2nd quarter as both teams displayed fearless defending. Due to several missed shots by TK’s shooters, they were down by 13 goals at the end of the 2nd quarter.

Dunman dominated the 3rd quarter with flawless passes and steady footwork. This enabled them to simply widen the score gap as TK slowly fell  behind. In the last quarter, Dunman was in control and won the match, 35-12, against TK. Both teams played with full force and it was a nail-biting  moment for the spectators