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Announcement of National 19 & Under 2019 Team

Congratulations to the players who have been selected for the National 19 & Under Team!

 Full NameSchoolPosition(s) Played
1Soh Ying JiaSingapore Sports SchoolGK, GD, GS
2Nicole Shin Jia HuiSingapore Sports SchoolWA, C
3Sherlyn Rachel Yip Yoke KhengSingapore Sports SchoolGA, GS
4Liew Yee Kit, KaslynHwa Chong InstitutionGA, GS
5Emma Isabel MorganRaffles InstitutionGK, GD
6Sara Annisa LightfootSingapore PolytechnicGA, GS
7Nur Aisyah Bte Ahmad FaisalTemasek PolytechnicGK, GD
8Lim Jia JiaNanyang PolytechnicC, WA, GA
9Priscilla WongNanyang PolytechnicGA, GS
10Tan Yi JieWaiting for UniversityWD, WA, C
11Sin ZoeyWaiting for UniversityGS, GA
12Cheyenne Rae HowardRepublic PolytechnicGD, GK, WD
 Training Partners  
13Kottaimuthu SinekaWaiting for UniversityGD, GK, WD
14Farah Iffah ArieyaniNAFAC, WA, WD

Head Coach: Jolynn Loo
Training will start on Tuesday 16 July 2019, 7pm at OCBC Arena Hall 3.

For more information, please refer to the email that was sent to you.