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15th May 2015, Temasek Polytechnic – The National Inter Schools ‘A’ Division Netball Championships 2015 saw its first draw of the season as River Valley High School (RVHS) and Anglo-Chinese JC (ACJC) played in a nerve-racking match which ended 37-37.

Both teams started nervously and took a while to get settled into the momentum of their game. RVHS adjusted quicker and scored three consecutive shots early in the match. ACJC followed soon after and put in three consecutive goals to tie the match at 3-3 at the fourth minute.

Both teams traded point for point for the next few minutes before RVHS pulled two points ahead at 8-6. ACJC, however, caught up again and managed to finish the first quarter 9-9.

RVHS started the 2nd quarter off with short and effective passes. Five minutes into the quarter, both teams are tied once again at 13-13 until ACJC turnover one pass and went 2 goals up. The 2nd quarter ended in ACJC’s favor at 20-18.

In the first three minutes of the 3rd quarter, RVHS caught up and even the score at 20-20. ACJC missed a goal and lost the rebound to RVHS and this gave them the chance to gain two points ahead of ACJC. Both teams fought tooth and nail to keep ball possession. ACJC attacked fiercely with quick and long passes towards their GS, leading 26-25 with two minutes of the quarter remaining. In the final two minutes, RVHS evened the score and ended the quarter with yet another draw, 26-26.

It was a tensed 4th quarter as both teams are starting from square one. ACJC had managed a two-point lead at the start, with RVHS furiously trying to catch up. The GA of RVHS had scored a point but, in an adamant attempt to keep the lead, ACJC took back a point and kept the lead 32-30.

In the final five minutes, RVHS finally caught up and led 34-33, in which ACJC took back another point a few seconds later. Towards the end of  the match, the crowd cheered and encouraged the players. Both teams did not give up and the match finally ended in a draw 37-37.

When asked if the draw is expected, Ms Puva, coach for RVHS, said, “It was expected that the game would be a tough one, but it was really a  close game. It could have gone either way.”

She also stated that her team’s defense side played extremely well and all players gave their all. She credited ACJC as very good opponents.

Rachel Lim, teacher-in-charge for ACJC, also chipped in that there were some minor mistakes made by her players, but most importantly is how  they (ACJC players) feel.

Scores by quarter:

1Q: 9-9
2Q: 11-9 (20-18)
3Q: 6-8 (26-26)

4Q: 11-11 (37-37)