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17 & Under Zone Selection Results

Congratulations to the players who have been selected for the 17 & Under Zone squad!

Please refer to the email sent for more information.

***In view of examinations, all trainings will only start on the week 20 May – 24 May onwards.

Under 17 North

No.Full NameSchoolPosition(s) Played
1Malihah Mashhood Dar*Seng Kang Secondary SchoolGA, GS, GD, GK
2Kaylee Chang Yee Hsuan Singapore Chinese Girls’ SchoolGS, GA, C
3Kj Akshaya NandhiniSingapore Chinese Girls’ SchoolGK, GD
4Toh Xin Ning, FeliciaWoodgrove Secondary SchoolGA, GS
5Lim Jing WenWoodgrove Secondary SchoolGA, WA, C
6Helene OngSingapore Sports SchoolC, WA, WD
7HannahSingapore Sports SchoolGD, GK
8Christy NgSingapore Sports SchoolGK, GD
9Nurul Ain Mymon Binte Mohamed AliSingapore Sports SchoolGS, GK
10Aqiilah Nissa Bte Muhamad NazzimSingapore Sports SchoolWA, C, WD
11Zulfa Rashad D/O Rayhan Singapore Sports SchoolGA, GS
12Siti Nordiana Bte RosliSingapore Sports SchoolWD, GD
13Ee Pei Ying, RaekaSingapore Sports SchoolWA, C
14Samantha LaiCHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ SchoolGD, GK
15Jenine AngCHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ SchoolC, GA
16Joyce Bick Xin Yue*North Vista Secondary SchoolGA, GS

Under 17 South

No.Full NameSchoolPosition(s) Played
1Siow Yu Han, AmberKuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary SchoolC, WD
2Jessica Lim Ai LingKuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary SchoolGA, GS
3Preetvin KaurCrescent Girls’ SchoolGA, GS
4Reyneekasri D/O NathanCrescent Girls’ SchoolGA, GD, GK, GS
5Sharifah Syarafina Binte Syed SulaimanBartley Secondary SchoolGA, GD, GK, GS
6Talisha Michelle SavaridasCHIJ St Theresa’s ConventGK, GD, WD
7Deborah Lim Tian NingCHIJ St Theresa’s ConventC, WA
8Vanisha MuthuRaffles Girls’ SchoolGS
9Ng Min Er JoeyRaffles Girls’ SchoolGK
10Caryn Chew Yun XinRaffles Girls’ SchoolWD, GD
11Ong Zi KeeRaffles Girls’ SchoolWA, C, GA
12Erin Lee Jia EnRaffles Girls’ SchoolC, WA
13Khoo Jin Ying, SarahRaffles Girls’ SchoolGA, GS
14Tan ShannonRaffles Girls’ SchoolGD, GK

Under 17 East

No.Full NameSchoolPosition(s) Played
1Uzma Rashad D/O Rayhan St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary SchoolGS, GK, GA
2Phebe GohPasir Ris Crest Secondary SchoolGD, WA
3Sidney LawtherBedok View Secondary SchoolC, WA, WD
4Kok Xin EnChung Cheng High School (Main)GK, GD
5Inarah Hazirah Bte HazmiDunman Secondary SchoolGA, GS, GK
6Aleeya Insyirah Binte ZulfadliDunman Secondary SchoolWD, C
7Naomi Niwa TanDunman Secondary SchoolGS, GK, WA
8Nur Aaliyah Qistina Binte Mohammad HafizDunman Secondary SchoolGS, GA
9Siti Faziera Bte RazaleTanjong Katong Girls’ SchoolGS, GA
10Bernice Choo Yan YuTanjong Katong Girls’ SchoolC, WA
11Tan Yu XuanTanjong Katong Girls’ SchoolWA, GA
12Joey Ho Yu TingTanjong Katong Girls’ SchoolWA, GA
13Trisha Yap Yi XuanTanjong Katong Girls’ SchoolWD, GD
14Norah Paul GabrielTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolGD, GK

Under 17 West

No.Full NameSchoolPosition(s) Played
1Thaw Thaw HeinRiver Valley High SchoolGD, GK
2Song Xue Ning Celeste*Westwood Secondary SchoolGK, GS
3Clariss Lee Xin LeClementi Town Secondary SchoolGA, GD
4Yang JinningWest Spring Secondary SchoolGK, GD
5Nan Seng Kham MonNanyang Girls’ High SchoolGA, GS
6See Jin Yi, AshleyNanyang Girls’ High SchoolGK, GD, WD
7Phuah Jo LinNanyang Girls’ High SchoolC, WA
8Nicole TayNanyang Girls’ High SchoolC, WD
9Lim Xin Yin MerzeyMethodist Girls’ SchoolGA, WA
10Tay Tian Ning, FaithMethodist Girls’ SchoolGS, GA
11Cheyenne Shee To Chyn XiMethodist Girls’ SchoolC, WA
12Chloe Chong YongxuanMethodist Girls’ SchoolGD, GK, WD
13Pang Si TingNan Hua High SchoolGS
14Eugenia Oh Yu Wen*River Valley High SchoolGA, GS
15Lim Xin RuNan Hua High SchoolGD
16Claudia OngNan Hua High SchoolWD

*Training Partners