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Elite NSL Club Criteria


Netball Singapore and 6 top clubs have jointly agreed to an Elite Clubs Programme commencing in 2019.

The primary intention is to promote the long-term growth of elite netball, especially through continuous youth development programmes in the elite clubs. In return, Netball Singapore will provide funding to the clubs to assist them with their development. This should provide a larger flow of top youth players into our Netball Super League Teams for selection into our National 21&U and Opens and Singapore A squads.

The 6 Elite clubs are: Blaze, Fier Orcas, Llabten, Marlins, Sneakers, Swifts. 5 of these club teams compete each year in the NSL. The 6th team in every NSL is Mannas, a selection team under Netball Singapore. The top 4 of the clubs in the NSL will be eligible to be invited for the following NSL, at the discretion of NS. The club team that finished bottom in the previous NSL will have to play off with 6th club, that did not qualify for that NSL, in a series of 3 playoff matches.

The Elite clubs are by invitation only, renewable each year at the discretion of Netball Singapore. NS can invite new clubs to compete in the playoffs for the next NSL based on the following criteria:

  • At least 3 continuous years of track record of elite netball at NSL or National League Division 1 level
  • Qualified Level 2 coaches
  • An established feeder and youth programme in place over the last 3 years, and
  • A team that is competitive at NSL level with quality players being developed for the Opens and/or Singapore A Team and 21&U squads.

To qualify under the Elite Clubs Programme, the 6 clubs are required to submit annually the following information to Netball Singapore:

  • Their annual training programme for the year
  • The feeder schools from which they primarily recruit the youth players and their plans for youth player recruitment
  • Their club coaches, who must be at least Level 2 coaches, or working towards it in the year of competition.

In return, Netball Singapore will provide the Elite Clubs with funding to develop their 21&U players and their youth programme:

  • NS will provide each of the 5 NSL clubs with a development fund for the 21&U players in their NSL team. In return, at least 2 of the players must have at least 2 quarters of court time. Clubs must name at least 3 21&U players in their team for each match.
  • The 6th club will be provided with a development fund for each for up to 2 players who are 21&U in the year of competition, on condition that they each play at least 2 quarters in each game in Division 1 in the National League that year. They must also compete for a place in the next NSL.

For the Netball Super League, all players who are 21&U in the year of competition will wear an orange tape on their left wrist so that the spectators and selectors can watch their progress in the competition.