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21&U Trial – 2024 Selection Results

Congratulations to the following players selected 21&U Trial that was held on 18 May 2024 😄

Anna MacinnesSneakers
Charlotte Megan Lee RuiLlabten
Loh Min-En RuthSneakers
Wilone Wong Khee FheeBlaze
Kalisa Kaur WilliamsFier Orcas
Megan Low Wen QiSwifts
Naeya Chandra SandersFier Orcas
Ezann Loo Le MinFier Orcas
Kimberly KohBlaze
B Divya MathildaFier Orcas

Parveen Kaur

Tham May Xin

Zulfa Rashad D/O Rayhan

Yasmin Iman Bte Rizal Idwin





For the selected players, Do check your email for more information.