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19 & Under School Selection Results 2021

We are pleased to announce the following players who have been selected as part of the 19 & Under School squad:

1Erin Lee Jia EnRaffles InstitutionC, WA
2Cheyenne Shee To Chyn XiHwa Chong InstitutionC, WA
3Erin Lim Zhi YuRaffles InstitutionWA, C
4Ee Pei Ying, RaekaSingapore Sports SchoolWA, C
5Preetvin KaurRaffles InstitutionGA, WA
6Jolyn Deanne Sim Giak YingSingapore Sports SchoolGA, WA
7Sim Pei Qi, ValerieSingapore Sports SchoolGA, GS
8Tay Tian Ning FaithVictoria Junior CollegeGA, GS
9Lim Yi Dawn AdeleHwa Chong InstitutionGS, GA
10Liu ChiminHwa Chong InstitutionGK, GD
11Tan ShannonRaffles InstitutionGD, GK
12Tan Shyan Q’yan KateHwa Chong InstitutionGK, GD
13Wickramanayake Chirani SahanyaNanyang Junior CollegeGK, GD, GS
14Kelly CheyRaffles InstitutionGK, GD
15So Ying TongHwa Chong InstitutionGD, WD
16Matilda Su-Yin NarayanRaffles InstitutionGK, GS