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19 & Under Tertiary Selection 2019 - Shortlisted Players

Posted 19 Mar 2019
The following players have been shortlisted to attend a second trial. Details are sent in a separate email.
S/N Name School Position(s)
1 Janell Tan Ngee Ann Polytechnic WA, C, WD
2 Arina Tan Bte Muhammad Aidil Republic Polytechnic GD, C, GA
3 Vera Liew Jing Yu ITE College Central GA, GS
4 Low Yi Jing Singapore Polytechnic GK, GD, WD
5 Sara Annisa Lightfoot Singapore Polytechnic GA, GS
6 Ker Chin Tian Waiting for University WD, C, WA
7 Nur Aisyah Bte Ahmad Faisal Temasek Polytechnic GK, GD
8 Yap Claudia Nanyang Polytechnic GA, GS, GD, GK
9 Lim Jia Jia Nanyang Polytechnic C, WA, GA
10 Priscilla Wong Nanyang Polytechnic GA, GS
11 Farah Iffah Arieyani NAFA C, WA, WD
12 Tan Yi Jie Waiting for University WD, WA, C
13 Sin Zoey Waiting for University GS, GA
14 Kottaimuthu Sineka Waiting for University GD, GK, WD
15 Cheyenne Rae Howard Republic Polytechnic GD, GK, WD