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Asian Youth Netball Championship 2013 Brunei


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Date: 30 June to 7 July 2013


Indoor Stadium, Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium Complex, Berakas

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Grouping and Pool Standing: 

Pool A Played Win Draw Lose Goals For Goals Agst Goal % Points
Malaysia  4  4  0  0   250  76 328.95%   8
India  4  1  0  3  106  230  46.09%  2
Hong Kong  4  3  0  1  150  124  120.97%  6
Brunei  4  2  0  2  157  144  109.03%  4
Japan  4  0  0  4  97  186  52.15%  0


Pool B Played Win Draw Lose Goals For Goals Agst Goal % Points
Sri Lanka  4  4  0  0  385  96  401.00%  8
Singapore  4  3  0  1  299  95  314.74%  6
Thailand  4  2  0  2  210  171  122.81%  4
Maldives  4  1  0  3  81  303  26.73%  2
Nepal  4 0 0  4 54 364 14.84%  0

Fixtures and Results: 

Date Time Match No. Pool Game
30th June     10.00am Opening Ceremony
11.00am 1 A Brunei vs Japan 48 - 26 
3.30pm 2 A India vs Hong Kong 20 - 55
5.30pm 3 B Singapore vs Thailand 65 - 20 
7.30pm 4 B Nepal vs Maldives 24 - 54 
1st July    11.00am 5 A India vs Malaysia 20 - 85
3.30pm 6 A Brunei vs Hong Kong 34 - 38 
5.30pm 7 B Sri Lanka vs Thailand 77 - 40 
7.30pm 8 B Singapore vs Nepal 109 - 4
2nd July    11.00am 9 B Sri Lanka vs Maldives 112 - 6 
3.30pm 10 B Thailand vs Nepal 68 - 16 
5.30pm 11 A Brunei vs India 56 - 30 
7.30pm 12 A Malaysia vs Japan 64 - 18
3rd July    11.00am 13 B Nepal vs Sri Lanka 10 - 133 
3.30pm 14 B Maldives vs Singapore 8 - 85 
5.30pm 15 A Malaysia vs Brunei 50 - 19 
7.30pm 16 A Hong Kong vs Japan 38 - 19
4th July    11.00am 17 B Maldives vs Thailand 13 - 82 
3.30pm 18 B Sri Lanka vs Singapore 63 - 40 
5.30pm 19 A Japan vs India 34 - 36
7.30pm 20 A Malaysia vs Hong Kong 51 - 19
5th July     9.30am 21 Semi-Final 1  Malaysia vs Singapore 52 - 32
11.15am 22 Semi-Final 2 Sri Lanka vs Hong Kong 70 - 28 
2.30pm 23 5th to 9th Playoff 1 Brunei vs Maldives 82 - 18 
4.15pm 24 5th to 9th Playoff 2  Thailand vs India 61 - 30 
6.00pm 25 9th/10th Playoff Japan vs Nepal 67 - 20 
6th July 9.30am 26 7th/8th Playoff Maldives vs India 26 - 63 
11.15am 27 5th/6th Playoff  Brunei  vs Thailand 34 - 53
7th July  9.30am 28 3rd/4th Playoff  Singapore vs Hong Kong 57 - 27 
1.30pm 29 Finals  Malaysia vs Sri Lanka 59 - 50 
3.15pm Closing Ceremony/Award Presensentation

Final Standings:

1st: Malaysia
2nd: Sri Lanka
3rd: Singapore
4th: Hong Kong
5th: Thailand
6th: Brunei
7th: India
8th: Maldives
9th: Japan
10th: Nepal

Team Reports

Day 1 – 28 June 2013


After months of anticipation and training preparations, we are finally at Brunei for the Asian Youth Championship 2013. Greeted farewell by family and friends, we left with excitement and determination to claim the Champ title for Singapore.

While waiting to board the plane, the girls played “pictionary” and created much commotion which drew the attention from other passengers. Aqilah had to be the most comical and entertaining during the game.

To our surprise, lunch was served on board even though it was just a 2hr flight. We had a choice of Hainanese Chicken Rice or Black Pepper Beef, both were equally yummy. Upon arrival, the Liaison Officers from Brunei Netball Association greeted us warmly. Immigration clearance was very smooth.

However, we were taken aback seeing how dressed up the Sri Lanka team were with their national costumes. They even had a formation for photo taking and the girls picked a tip or two from that.

The weather was good, airy & not too hot. We arrived at Abdul Razak Hotel Apartment about 4pm and after settling down, the girls went for a stretching session with the Coaches.

After dynamic stretches, they went on to play “eagle & chick” & “3-man chain”. You could probably hear Jocelyn & Athirah screaming from miles away and Parveen laughing her head off while Aqilah fell on the floor. I (Shuangru) managed to capture some funny moments and beautiful shots with Oli’s S4.

Dinner was at a nearby restaurant and everybody were looking forward to it not only because we were hungry but more for the free WIFI available. Everyone started to flash out their hand phones and busy asking for the Wifi password. This really shows how addicted we are to the modern technology, including us. Everyone had a satisfying meal and headed back to hotel for team talk.

After the team talk, the captains (Cheryl & Shelby) presented hand made nametags with a quote: 

“No One Is Going To Hand Us Success. We Must Go Out And Get It Ourselves. That’s Why We Are Here. To Dominate. Both The World, And Ourselves.”

We believe the team had set the right energy and tone for AYC and now its time to sleep. Good Night Singapore.

Shuangru & Siti  <3

Day 2 – 29 June 2013

ayc 21s team

We started our day with breakfast at 7am. Then, we had a practice match with the Hong Kong team. The final score was 42-18 and we had a good start. Though fatigue hit us, we still played our game with high intensity. Even though Hong Kong team is not in our grouping, we treated the match like the actual AYC competition as that was our one and only practice match we had to familiarize ourselves with the court and poles before the start of our tournament.

ayc 21s with hk team

Singapore 21s with the Hong Kong Team during a friendly match

ayc 21s team with ump

Singapore 21s with the Umpire for the Singapore vs Hong Kong friendly match

During the afternoon, we had a focused training for our attack line so as to brush up on some small details for the upcoming official start of the AYC. We wanted to make sure that we had everything right and in place so that we will be the best that we can be for the up-coming games.

Lastly, we had dinner catered for us at 7.30pm. After which some of us rested, went to see the physio or had a one on one catch up session with our coach before we went for a team talk at 10pm. Initially we wanted to practice our performance after the team talk but due to the time constraint……PLEASE LOOK FORWARD TO OUR PERFORMANCE (WHICH WE HAVENT HAD MUCH PRACTICE BUT STILL…….)

Okay goodnight all~ Olivia and Melissa



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