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ACTive Programme

:: Umpiring / Coaching Module for Secondary & JC Students ::

Netball Singapore offers courses to provide students with a more holistic and all rounded development of their netball related skills and enhance their passion in netball.In order to cater for the demands of Schools, Netball Singapore will be conducting more Understanding Netball Rules courses for students. This 3-hour course is suitable for students and teachers of any level, with or without playing experience.


Course Information in 2018

Course Date Time
ACTive Schools Programme*
(combination of
Understanding Netball
Rules and Level 1
6 March 3pm to 6pm
28 August 3pm to 6pm
ACTive Carnivals 2018 Date/Time
ACTive Carnival (Secondary) 24 March 8am to 2pm
10 November 8am to 2pm
ACTive Carnival (Primary) 19 May 8am to 2pm
ACTive Carnoval (P3 & P4) 3 November 8am to 2pm

Students who have attended the ACTive School Programme are require to umpire in the ACTive Carnival. 
Contact for more information. 

ACTive Schools Programme 

This course is a combination of the current Understanding Netball Rules and simplified version of Level 1 Umpiring. Participants are not required to run and blow the whistles, however, there will be some demonstrations and may require the participants to move and perform simple scenarios.

Things to note: This course DOES NOT qualify the participants to be a qualified umpire (badge or Level 1 umpire).

Course content: 
• Characteristics of being an umpire 
• Getting started (areas of control, centre pass) 
• Rules on Minor infringements (e.g. scoring a goal) 
• Rules on Major infringements (Contact and Obstruction) 
• Types of Penalties (how to award, hand signals) 
• Substitution and Team Changes 
• Duties and Responsibilities of Time-keepers, Scorers

Course fee: 
• $35/pax include course handouts, Minimum 10 participants 

Course duration: 
• 3hours 

During the course: 
• Participants may be talent identified to attend the full Level 1 Umpiring course to further umpiring if they are interested 
• Course discount (50% applicable only to secondary students) will be provided for these talent identified participants 

After completion: 
• Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance 
• Participants may be competent enough to umpire M1 Schools Challenge League - Participants may umpire at the ACTive carnivals organised by Netball Singapore (primary and secondary non-competitive carnivals)

ACTive Carnivals (Secondary)

With the elimination of umpiring courses in schools, we foresee that we will not have enough student umpires to continuously umpire during these ACTive carnivals. We will need to be self sufficient by using the players to umpire during these carnivals. These carnivals are non-competitive, therefore, we are hoping to give this a try and hope the schools will support your players by giving them the confidence to take the whistle. You may be surprised that some players have hidden talents!

Carnival details: 
• Each team can have up to 13 players (12 players + 1 umpire) or 13 players/umpires. This will give the players more rest time if they need to umpire and play 

• Registration fee: $25/team 

• Maximum number of teams per school: 2 teams

There will be umpire coaches during these carnivals to assist and guide these player umpires. During these carnivals, umpire coaches may talent identify some of these player umpires and may invite them to attend the Level 1 Umpiring course (Adult). Special course rate will be provided for these Talent Identified player umpires. More details will be provided. 

• Teams to provide own whistles 
• Player umpires do not have to be in full white 
• Teachers, coaches and players (spectators) have to understand that these player umpires are not trained, therefore they will need to be patient with them

Understanding Netball Rules

The course aims to develop participants who are interested in netball with a sound understanding of netball rules. At the end of the course, participants will understand the rules of the game and apply them on court. They will understand the difference between major and minor infringements and have some knowledge of umpiring. At the end of the course, participants will be given a certificate of attendance (100% attendance required).

Who should attend this course?
• This course is open to students who may or may not be netball players
• This course is also recommended for teachers who teach, coach or are teacher-in-charge of netball in their school. 
• For those interested to update themselves and acquire a better understanding of the current Netball rules
• Recommended for those keen to become umpires

• This module is 1 session
• Each session will be 3 hours long

Number of Participants 
• To ensure maximum learning and adequate attention given to all participants, the recommended size for each class is 16 and a minimum number of 10 participants

• Each participant has to pay $25. Course notes will be provided.

Understanding Netball Rules (Teachers)

This course is recommended for Netball Teacher-in-charge or PE teachers who want to understand the rules better.

Teachers will learn basic rules and how they are applied in the game. They will be familiarised with the different infringements and penalties, and understand how an umpire awards them on court.


Coaching Workshop (Teachers)

Topic: Netball training ideas and strategies for Teachers

• This Teacher Education Workshop has been designed specifically as a professional development tool for teachers.
• It will provide education and support to teachers conducting trainings for their school netball team and or sessions during school physical education time.
• Focus will be on planning for a season leading up to the school competitions, conduct of a training session, and discussion on basic netball strategies.
• There is no formal accreditation awarded following completion of the Teacher Education Workshop, but teachers will come out better informed on best practice teaching of netball and with greater confidence to coach.
• All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.