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Date Posted 16 November 2018
School Fajar Secondary School
Age group Sec 1 to 5
Days & Time Tue & Thu (3.30pm to 6pm)
Period/Contract 2019 & 2020
Qualification of Coach Qualified & registered with Sports SG and registered with MOE
Role 1. To design and plan a developmentally appropriate 30-week student development / training programme in consultation with the teacher-in-charge.
2. To work with the teacher-in-charge to develop students’ passion in Netball and inculcate good values in them.
3. A relief coach must be provided in event the Main coach is unable to turn up due to valid reason eg medical leave.
Object/Target 1. To enable students to understand and apply the basic rules of Netball.
2.To enable students (ranging from beginners to advanced players) to learn and apply skills.
3.To enable students to learn sportsmanship and values of fair play, teamwork and discipline.
4. Students should be able to explain and apply their knowledge of basic Netball rules to play the game correctly.
5. Students should be able to play Netball at the recreational and competitive level for beginners and advanced players, respectively.
6. Students should be able to demonstrate good sportsmanship and values of fair play, teamwork and discipline through playing Netball.
Fees $50 per hour
Contact Person Khatijah.

Please email to if you require coaches for your school/club/organisation.

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