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Final Ranking: 
  B Division C Division Mixed Open
1st North Vista North Vista SAFSA Endurance
2nd Nan Hua Team A  Nan Hua Team On
3rd West Spring Katana Spawn SAFSA Strike


  Open Women Women U23
1st Speed Llabten Lightning
2nd Llabten Thunder RP1
3rd Blaze RP2


Category School B/C Div (Competitive)
/Open Mixed
Open Women/ Women 
Under 23/ Schools (Recreational)
1st Round Sat, 5 September 2015 Sat, 19 September 2015
Postponed to Sun, 4 October 2015
2nd Round/ Reserve  Sun 20 September 2015
Time 8am to 6pm

*Scheduled time may vary according to no. of teams
Venue Kallang Netball Centre

Tournament Fees 

$90 $90

Tournament Fees

$120 $120
Umpire Fees $80 $80
Umpire Fees for 
Reserve/ 2nd Round
$20 $20
Umpire Admin Fee
(if not providing team umpire)
$75 $75

Closing Date

Mon, 24 August 2015, 12pm
Extended to Wed, 26 August!

Mon, 31 August 2015, 12pm
Extended to Wed, 25 September!

Format Round Robin for 1st Round and Double Knockout for 2nd Round for top team of the groups. 

*Netball Singapore reserves the right to change the format without prior notice.
Duration of Play 7 Minutes Halves which may be subjected to change


Grouping for Games on 5th September (School B/C Div Competitive and Open Mixed)

Open Mixed A Open Mixed B
Flyers Fifth Quarter
Team IMBA PS Buddies
Zenith Flying Salmons
Team On Bucks Netball
Revive Kutty N C 2
Kutty N C Just for Fun
SAFSA Endurance SAFSA Strike


B Division A B Division B
Mayflower Nan Hua High B
Nan Hua High A North Vista
West Spring Katana Ikan Bilis
Bowen NUS High
Anglican High Outram
Serangoon Hougang


C Division
Nan Hua High
North Vista
West Spring
Katana Spawn


Grouping for Games on 19th September (Women Open and Women Under 23)

Open Women A Open Women B
Blaze Llabten Thunder
Zenith SRC
Bedok CSC Phoenix SCC
Speed Team On
Flyers Goal Getters
Raven Flying Salmon 2
TYCO Ladies Cool Runners


Women Under 23
Llabten Lightning
Zenith Zest
Team NO
RP 1
RP 2
Yale-NUS College Team A
Yale-NUS College Team B
Methodist Girls' School