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National League 2022

National League 2022

Category Club Women Club Mixed
Competition Period for 1st Round: 23rd May to 30th July 2022 23rd May to 30th July 2022
Playing Days: Monday: Div 2 and 8 
Tuesday: Div 1 and 7 
Wednesday: Div 3 and 5 Thursday: Div 4 and 6 
Time: 7.15pm & 8.40pm
Reserved Date: Saturdays (For all Divisions)
9am & 10.30am
All teams must be able to play on all playing and reserve days scheduled by NS
Venue for 1st Round: Kallang Netball Centre
Venue for 1st VS 2nd Playoff (Division 1 & 2): Kallang Netball Centre -
Date & Time for 1st VS 2nd Playoff (Division 1 & 2): Date: 23rd July 2022 Time: 9am 
Tournament Fees:
Discounts for 2nd & 3rd teams onwards (for NS
Club Members only)
$120 for 1st team
$100 for 2nd team onwards
Umpire Fees $25 * no of games played
(To be advised after groupings are confirmed & additional postponed
Mixed teams must provide their own qualified badged umpires
Umpire Admin Fee
(if not providing team umpire)
$80 -
Closing Date:
5th May 2022 (Thursday), 5pm

11 May 2022 (Wednesday), 3pm
(Limited slots available for each division)

*All team players’ names must be submitted latest by 9th May 2022, 12pm 13 May 2022, 12pm.

Click for more info and Entry Form here

Click here for Groupings and Fixtures - Club Women

Click here for Groupings and Fixtures - Club Mixed


Division 1

  Blaze Swifts Llabten Fier Orcas Sneakers Ace Speed Sprint Dev/U21 Team A Dev/U21 Team B Marlins Air POINTS POSITION
Blaze            41-21 (2)          
Swifts             54-47 (2)        
Llabten               36-50 (0)      
Fier Orcas                 45-33 (2)    
Sneakers Ace                      
Speed Sprint 21-41 (0)                    
Dev/U21 Team A   47-54 (0)                  
Dev/U21 Team B     50-36 (2)                
Marlins Air       33-45 (0)              

Division 2

  Revive Bucks Samurai Extremes Sneakers Speed U19 1 U19 2 POINTS  POSITION
Revive   35-37 (0)            
Bucks Samurai  37-35 (2)              
Extremes       36-35 (2)        
Sneakers Speed     35-36 (0)          
U19 1                
U19 2                

Division 3A

  U17 West U17 South Speed Dash Bedok CSC Phoenix SSP Platinum POINTS POSITION
U17 West               
U17 South               
Speed Dash              
Bedok CSC Phoenix               
SSP Platinum              

Division 3B

  U17 East U17 North Sneakers Dash Katana Strike NZ Flyers Takahe POINTS POSITION
U17 East              
U17 North               
Sneakers Dash               
Katana Strike               
NZ Flyers Takahe              

Division 4

  Marlins Swoosh Llabten Thunder Enigma SMU Sneakers Force Swifts Drongo Zenith Alpha Speed SGNC Sharks POINTS POSITION
Marlins Swoosh  x         40-44 (0)          
Llabten Thunder   x     50-35 (2)            
Enigma     x 28-37 (0)              
SMU     37-28 (2) x              
Sneakers Force    35-50 (0)     x            
Swifts Drongo  44-40 (2)         x          
Zenith Alpha             x        
Speed               x 36-43 (0)    
SGNC Sharks              43-36 (2)   x    

Division 5A

  NP 1 Team ON Extremes Sonique Kryptonite Crossroad Republic Poly POINTS POSITION
NP 1 x 15-67 (0)            
Team ON 67-15 (2) x            
Extremes Sonique      x 38-42 (0)        
Kryptonite     42-38 (2) x        
Crossroad         x      
Republic Poly           x    

Division 5B

  SCC Eagles Blaze Flame NP 2 SUSS Netball Marlins Dash POINTS POSITION
SCC Eagles              
Blaze Flame              
NP 2              
SUSS Netball              
Marlins Dash              

Division 6A

  Zenith Zeal SGNC Lionfish Pegasus Centaurs Bluebirds SIM Titans POINTS POSITION
Zenith Zeal  x 51-14 (2)            
SGNC Lionfish  14-51 (0) x            
Pegasus      x          
Centaurs Bluebirds        x        
SIM         x      
Titans           x    

Division 6B

  Katana Slash Tyco Sirius SAFSA Exalt NZ Hoiho Extremes Aura POINTS  POSITION
Katana Slash  x 35-38 (0)            
Tyco Sirius 38-35 (2) x            
SAFSA     x          
Exalt        x        
NZ Hoiho         x      
Extremes Aura           x    

Division 7A

  SSP Gold Trade Pro Bucks Gladiators SGNA Singa SCC Ospreys Sportready POINTS POSITION
SSP Gold                
Trade Pro                
Bucks Gladiators       43-18 (2)        
SGNA Singa     18-43 (0)          
SCC Ospreys            39-44 (0)    
Sportready         44-39 (2)      

Division 7B

  Aciers Margs Wanderers Black Singapore Poly Centaurs Firebirds Vikings Spear POINTS  POSITION
Aciers x              
Margs   x       36-8 (2)    
Wanderers Black      x   51-17 (2)      
Singapore Poly        x        
Centaurs Firebirds      17-51 (0)   x      
Vikings Spear   8-36 (0)       x    

Divsion 8

  SGNA Lions Wanderers White Net4Mums Baby Kryptonite Club SL Wanderers Red Bucks Rebel SSP Silver POINTS POSITION
SGNA Lions   18-7 (2)                
Wanderers White  7-18 (0)                  
Net4Mums       11-26 (0)            
Baby Kryptonite      26-11 (2)              
Club SL            10-23 (0)        
Wanderers Red         23-10 (2)          
Bucks Rebel                41-16 (2)    
SSP Silver             16-41 (0)      


Mixed A

  Dynamix Jade SAFSA Frenz Bliss NZ Flyers Points Position
Dynamix Jade              
NZ Flyers              

Mixed B

  Dynamix Sapphire Unify Revive Nets Tyco Points Position
Dynamix Sapphire