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Anbros National League 2018

*Only Netball Singapore Club Members are eligible to take part in this event. Umpires will be applying the latest INF new rules 2016 for all categories except for the school categories.   

**From 1st January 2016, it will be a requirement that all teams participating in our events are to be Netball Singapore club members. As such, from 2016, teams have to be registered as a club member to take part in events such as the Daisy Tan Carnival, National League, Deloitte Pesta Sukan and the Year End League. The Mission Foods Beach Netball and M1 Corporate Netball Challenge are social events, and thus remain open to the public/corporations.

Category Club Women Club Mixed U17 & U14 Schools & Clubs
Period 28th May to 4th Aug 28th May to 4th Aug 22nd May to 6th Aug
Playing Days
Monday (Div 1 and Div 8),
Tuesday (Div 2 and Div 7),
Wednesday (Div 3, Div 5 and Div 6), Thursday (Div 4 and Div 5)
Friday Monday & Wednesday
Time 7.15pm & 8.40pm 7.15pm & 8.40pm 4.00pm & 5.30pm


Dates: 22 May to 6 August

Reserved Days: Saturday for all Divisions (4pm & 5.30pm)1

Venue for 1st Round: Kallang Netball Centre

Finals: 21/22 July (TBC) @ Toa Payoh Sports Hall (Div 2 @ 11.30am and Div 1 @ 1.30pm)

Tournament Fees (for NS Club Members only): 

Club Categories - $120 for 1st team and $100 for 2nd team onwards 
U14/U17 Categories: $80

Umpire Admin Fee (if not providing team umpire): $80 for Club Women2

Umpire Fee: $25 x no of games (to be advised after groupings are confirmed & additional postponed games)

Closing Date: 7th May, 3pm (Limited Slots available for each division)

1All teams must be able to play on all playing and reserve days scheduled by Netball Singapore
2Mixed teams must provide their own qualified badged umpires; U14/U17 Schools & Clubs: Self Umpiring for 1st and 2nd round. Qualified umpires provided by NS for final playoffs.

Click here for Entry Information.
Click here for Entry Form. 



1. Prizes and Giveaways
  • Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 teams for Club Women, Club Mixed and Corporate (Women & Mixed) divisions/ categories. Breakdown as follow:
Categories 1st 2nd 3rd
Club Women Division 1 $400 $300 $200
Club Women Division 2 $250 $200 $150
Club Women Division 3 $200 $150 $120
Club Women Division 4 – 8 $150 $120 $100
Club Mixed $150 $120 $100
  • Medals will be awarded to top 3 teams for U17 & U14 Schools and Clubs categories.
  • One set of Anbros Bibs will be provided and teams are encouraged to wear them for all matches.


2. Format
  • Minimum of 6 teams to form a Division/Category.
  • For the Club Women Category, the teams that came in 1st for in their respective divisions in 2017 will be promoted to the upper division. Teams that finished last in their respective divisions in 2017 will be relegated to the lower division. (eg: Team A was 1st and Team F was last in Club Women Division 2 in 2017. In 2018, Team A will be promoted to Club Women Division 1 and Team F will be in relegated to Club Women Division 3).
  • Netball Singapore reserve the right to make the final decision on the assignment of teams in the divisions. 
  • It is a requirement that Clubs participating in the Netball Super League 2019 must take part in the ANL Division 1 in 2018.
  • Registration of players under divisions:
    • Division 1 Eligibility: Maximum of 5 national players* per team (4 on court at one time)
    • Division 2 Eligibility: Maximum of 2 national players or 4 NSL players. (1 national player = 2 NSL players)
    • Division 3 Eligibility: No national players or U21 players. Maximum of 2 NSL players*
*Based on current (2017) National/U21/U19 Squad and NSL Players

*Opens team will not have any restrictions.

  • Round Robin Format will be used during the league.
  • All games shall be played in 4 quarters of 15 minutes except for the games in the school categories. The quarter time intervals shall be 4 minutes and half-time intervals 8 minutes. The New INF Rules 2018 apply across all divisions, including the school categories.
  • School category games shall be played in 4 quarters of 10 minutes. The quarter time intervals shall be 4 minutes and half-time intervals 8 minutes.
  • The 1st and 2nd teams of Division 1 and 2 Club Women Category shall proceed to playoff on 21st or 22nd July 2018.
  • Netball Singapore reserves the right to change the Tournament Format to suit the number of teams entered and the League duration, without prior notice.

3. Entry Form & Team List

  • Only Netball Singapore Club Members are eligible to take part in this event.
  • The National Squads shall be placed as follows: Opens in Division 1 (they will not contest for finals), 19s and 21s in Division 2, 17s in Division 3 and 14s in Division 4. These National Squads shall be exempted from the promotion and relegation protocols.
  • Entries requesting for more than 1-week exemption from play will not be accepted.
  • U17 & U - Players born in the year 2001 or after
  • U14 & U- Players born in the year 2004 or after
  • Each team shall register a minimum of 7 players and no more than 15 players. However, only 12 players can be named for a particular match.  Minimum of 5 players (with Centre position) to start a game.
  • All team players’ names must be submitted latest by 11th May 2018. No changes can be made to the Team list thereafter. In exceptional circumstance (e.g. medical or otherwise), and on a case-by-case basis, Netball Singapore, may permit the replacement of a player by another player.
  • Each player is only allowed to play for one team in each category.
  • Teams are required to submit their entries on the official entry form by the closing date.
  • Please mail or fax your entries to:

                        Netball Singapore, 6 Stadium Boulevard Singapore 397797
                        Fax No: 63456750 Email:

  • Please call 63465063 Ext 119/120 after faxing to verify that your entry form and name list are received. No appeals shall be entertained because of transmission error.
  • Tournament fees are to be paid before closing date. Payment mode can be via PayPal or cheque payable to “Netball Singapore” and should be crossed “A/C Payee Only”.
  • Tournament fees remain payable in the case of withdrawal after closing date.
  • No player will be permitted to play in a competition unless she/he has been registered with a team.  Should a team field an unregistered player, the results of the matches played with the offending player will be nullified and the opposing team will be given the winning points. In addition, for leagues, the offending club will have 2 points deducted from their total accumulated round robin points.


4. Club Mixed Category
  • Minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 Male players are allowed to take court at any one time. Male players are only allowed to play GS (Goal Shooter), C (Centre) and GK (Goal Keeper).         

5.Tournament Rules
  • Netball Singapore Tournament Rules June 2017 shall apply.
  • Umpires will be applying the latest INF new rules 2018 for all categories including the school categories.

6. Scoring and Time Keeping
  • Each team must provide 1 scorer and 1 timekeeper at each match. Scorers and timekeepers must sit at the designated chairs provided.
  • Competition balls (Molten) and stopwatches will be provided by Netball Singapore.
  • 1st named team must collect stopwatch and competition ball before start of the match.
  • Scorecards have to be originals; no photocopied scorecards are allowed. NS reserve the rights to reject non-original scorecards.
  • The first 7 playing positions and reserve players must filled up on the score card before the start of the game.
  • Scorers must tally their scores during the intervals and at the end of each match.
  • The team captains must request the Umpires to verify the scores on the scorecards and submit immediately to the Tournament officials.
  • Point System – Win 2 points, Draw 1 point, Loss 0 point and deduction of 2 points for awarding a Walkover.
  • Team that are late for 5 minutes will be deemed to have given a walkover


7. Postponements / Change of Match Format / Groupings
  • Netball Singapore reserves the rights to decide on a postponement date in the case of inclement weather or other circumstances and no appeals shall be entertained.
  • Reserved games will be held on every Saturday. In the event that there are too many reserved games, Netball Singapore will allocate the games on week day nights.
  • Teams that wish to postpone their game personally will have to inform Netball Singapore 5 days in advance.
  • Netball Singapore will not be providing courts and umpires for both teams who wish to rearrange their matches.


8. Abandoned Matches
  • Any matches played more than 2 quarters and uncompleted because of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances shall be considered as completed and the scores accepted.
  • Any matches played less than 2 quarters shall be postponed to a reserve date and replayed.
  • In the event the postponed match is abandoned and played less than 2 quarters, a scoreless draw shall be awarded to both teams.


9. Team Nominated Umpires
  • For teams taking part in Club Women Division 1 to 4 and Club Mixed Categories, the nominated Team Umpires must be Badged Umpires.
  • Nominated Team Umpire must report at least 15 minutes before their matches assigned by Netball Singapore.
  • Team umpires, regardless of the weather, will still need to report for matches assigned by Netball Singapore.
  • If a team umpire is late or fails to show up for his/her assignment, 2 points will be deducted from the teams and $40 penalty fee will be payable by the team.
  • Nominated Team Umpire MUST be able to umpire matches assigned by Netball Singapore. Team Conveners are to ensure that their umpires report to their matches assigned by Netball Singapore.


10. Event Administration
  • Random checks of players’ identity may be conducted from time to time.
  • Protests or complaints must be submitted in writings within 48 hours of the incident and must be accompanied by the protest fee of $50.
  • It is the team responsibility to inform Netball Singapore any walkover game 5 working days in advance. Failure to do so will have to pay an additional penalty of $20.


11. First Aid & Insurance
  •   Team players are to provide own first aid kit and ice packs to treat injuries.
  •   All players are advised to purchase personal accident insurance.


12. Liability
  • Netball Singapore and its sponsors shall not be liable for any accidents, injuries or losses of personal properties that may have been suffered during this event.
  • All photos taken during the event may be used for Netball Singapore’s publicity and advertising campaigns.