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M1 Asian Netball Championships 2018

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Come witness the highest quality netball at the M1 Asian Netball Championships 2018 from 1 - 9 September 2018! The region’s most prestigious netball championship promises to be the most competitive yet as for the first time, 12 Asian nations will be competing for the title. Be sure to head down to the OCBC Arena at Singapore Sports Hub to cheer on our girls as they take on the region’s finest to bring home the Asian Championship and qualify for next year’s Netball World Cup.


Preliminary Round
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Malaysia Sri Lanka Singapore Hong Kong
Japan Chinese Taipei Brunei Thailand
Maldives India Pakistan Philippines

Date Game Pool Time Fixtures
1 September
  12.00pm Opening Ceremony
1 C 1.00pm Singapore v Brunei
2 A 3.00pm Malaysia v Japan
3 B 5.00pm Chinese Taipei v Sri Lanka
4 D 7.00pm Philippines v Thailand
2 September
5 A 1.00pm Maldives v Malaysia
6 B 3.00pm Sri Lanka v India
7 C 5.00pm Singapore v Pakistan
8 D 7.00pm Thailand v Hong Kong
3 September
9 B 1.00pm India v Chinese Taipei
10 D 3.00pm Hong Kong v Philippines
11 A 5.00pm Japan v Maldives
12 C 7.00pm Brunei v Pakistan

2nd Round
Group E Group F Group G
1st of Group A (A1) 2nd of Group A (A2) 3rd of Group A (A3)
1st of Group B (B1) 2nd of Group B (B2) 3rd of Group B (B3)
1st of Group C (C1) 2nd of Group C (C2) 3rd of Group C (C3)
1st of Group D (D1) 2nd of Group D (D2) 3rd of Group D (D3)
Date Game Pool Time Fixtures
4 September
13 F 9.00am C2 v D2
14 G 11.00am C3 v D3
15 F 1.00pm A2 v B2
16 G 3.00pm A3 v B3
17 E 5.00pm A1 v D1
18 E 7.00pm B1 v C1
5 September
19 G 9.00am B3 v D3
20 G 11.00am C3 v A3
21 F 1.00pm B2 v D2
22 F 3.00pm C2 v A2
23 E 5.00pm A1 v B1
24 E 7.00pm C1 v D1
6 September
25 F 9.00am B2 v C2
26 F 11.00am A2 v D2
27 G 1.00pm B3 v C3
28 G 3.00pm A3 v D3
29 E 5.00pm B1 v D1
30 E 7.00pm C1 v A1
7 September

Semi-Finals & Playoffs
8 September
31 11th/12th 11.00am 3rd of Group G v 4th of Group G
32 9th/10th 1.00pm 1st of Group G v 2nd of Group G
33 Semi-Finals 3.00pm 1st of Group E v 4th of Group E
34 Semi-Finals 5.00pm 2nd of Group E v 3rd of Group E

9 September
35 7th/8th 10.00am 3rd of Group F v 4th of Group F
36 5th/6th 12.00pm 1st of Group F v 2nd of Group F
37 3rd/4th 2.00pm Loser of Game 33 v Loser of Game 34
38 Finals 4.00pm Winner of Game 33 v Winner of Game 34
  5.30pm Closing Ceremony & Prize Presentation

COACHING CLINIC: Demystifying the Game Analysis Process by Annette Pearce
Performance Analysis provides the athletes and coaches with objective information that helps them understand performance.
By observing an athlete or team performing skills and strategies, a coach can analyse specific situations to spot areas of potential, and scope to improve facets of their team’s game of netball.
Through collecting, organising, presenting and analysing the data, coaches can make objective suggestions for improvements in physical fitness, skills and strategies. 
Being more skilled at the what, when, where and how will enhance the coaches ability to give timely feedback and introduce relevant intervention which can lead to greater performance
To achieve repeated success coaches and athletes must know and understand what they have done to make them successful/unsuccessful.
Pre game 
During the game 
Addressing issues at the next training session

6 September
4pm @ OCBC Arena

7 September 
3pm to 6pm @ Kallang Netball Centre MPH

Cost – $30 (exclusive of admission charges) 
To register or find out more, please email to


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